“BIG HERO 6” is a production ofWalt Disney Animation Studio. The movie is based on a lesser-famous Marvel Comic.It idealizes the tale of superhero robots. This story revolves around a teen,who has completed his high school and is now wasting his ability on illegalrobot fights, for which he gets in trouble with.

An opportunity given by therobotics institute, Hiro grabs it and creates an extraordinary mega bot. Anaccident caused on the same day by an inexplicable fire catalyzes the events ofthe film. This made a thorough change in Hiro’s life. Hiro and Baymax(Tadashi’s robotic nurse), leading Tadashi’s best friends to stick together toinvestigate the accident and catch the real offender. By using their robotictechniques, they get ready to fight against the Kabooki mask man. Hiro summonedprofessor responsible for the death of Tadashi’s death but Callaghan (mask man)impersonally responds by blaming Tadashi for his own death. This turned Hiro ina state of fit of fury. Hiro was blinded by hatred and grief.

He ejectedBaymax’s healthcare chip and inserted another chip, leaving Baymax on a programof fights and obliteration. This event was a game changer in Hiro’s life as helearned that nothing could be achieved when one is furious or frustratedbecause Callaghan escaped. When Hiro leaves in fury leaving his friends behind,it shows the audience the impact of one being in alone and isolated when angry.Hiro then later apologizes to his friends and realizes no one can achievesomething without a strong and supportive team. This creates an impact on theaudience about one maintaining their anger and having self-control or it wouldlead them being isolated. On the other hand, this creates an impact that onecan never stand anything against their dear ones, no matter if their acts werejustified or not.

This shows that Hiro selflessly love Tadashi and would do anythingto have justice for him.


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