Black holes are a type of disaster that happens up in space. Black holes cannot be seen, they are exploding stars that turn into a black holes, it could also throw planets off. If the black hole was to expand what will happen to us or what will happen to the planets and the universe? If the black hole was to expand what will happen to the universe, will we be still alive?To start off, if the black hole kept expanding it will affect us by the sun getting destroyed, universe getting sucked in and killing us all.If the black hole kept expanding the sun will get destroyed into tiny pieces. “The orbits of the outer planets and comets would be significantly and possibly disastrously altered, and this would in turn threaten the orbits of the inner planets and even  the Sun.” That if the black hole was to expand, the sun and all the planets that orbit the sun will be sucked up into the hole. “The Earth would be pulled out of its usual orbit, possibly experiencing abrupt changes in direction or being pulled away or towards the Sun.” Everything will burn if we are pulled towards the sun, if being pulled away, possibility of going into another planet, bigger or smaller than earth.Additionally, If the black hole was to expand and get larger the hole will observe anything on its way and there will be no volume just a bunch of density. If the black hole was to expand the there is a dentist and people stating that the black hole will start to expand and suck in or take any planets or stars that are in its way. For example pela answered the question and stated,”Large black holes are usually expanding by an incredibly small amount as they suck in more stuff (gases, planets, stars, etc.)” Mostly dating that the black hole is expanding or growing than it will start to suck in planets and stars or anything that is in its way.Overall, if the black hole was to expand it will observe anything in its way like planets stars or even the whole universe. In the black hole scientist state that when entering the black hole there will be no volume and it would be pure dense and we won’t be able to survive if we were to be sucked in the hole. Stan Liu states in his answer that,”This point has no volume and is therefore infinitely dense.”When and if the black hole does absorb the whole universe  there is no volume so therefore there is infinitely dense. Therefore if the black hole was to expand and every planet and stars were to be sucked up there were to be no volume but a bunch of density. Finally, if the black hole kept expanding then all people can get killed. For example “For a solar  black hole, the tidal forces near the event horizon can be quite large, so they will kill you before you cross the event horizon.”  Black Holes can create tidal forces that can kill you before trying to get away from them.So the black holes create a massive tidal force that can kill you.Black holes are some of the strangest and most fascinating objects found in outer space. They are objects of extreme density, with such strong gravitational attraction that even light cannot escape from their grasp if it comes near enough. black holes are dangerous because they create a humongous hole that sucks up everything in it way. To conclude, black holes are dangerous  because of the way they suck up whatever is in its way. We found that black holes create massive forces like the tidal forces that can kill people in there way. Yet scientist still are trying to learn how black holes form and how they can affect us.


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