Bleeding Kansas was a horrific event that shaped

Bleeding Kansas was an event that lead up to the Civil War. This event was a fight between anti-slavery and pro-slavery groups over the vote for the decision of if the Kansas- Nebraska would be a free-state or a slave-state. There was a lot of damage to the citizens and property of the Kansas-Nebraska territory because groups were greedy and would do anything to get the popular vote.

                In 1854, the Kansas-Nebraska Act was passed. The Kansas-Nebraska act gave the state popular sovereignty which allowed the state to decide if they wanted their state to allow slavery or to be a free state. This opportunity caused several people from the two groups to flood into the area. These people hoped by coming to the area they could influence the citizens to vote for their opinion. Peaceful protests were held to persuade the citizens but there were also burnings of homes, massacres, and murders of innocent humans. Force was most definitely used and many lives were affected by these doings.

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                One of the major events that happened during this time was a mass murder along Pottawatomie Creek. “That night, May 24, Brown led a small party, including his four sons, his son-in-law, and two other men that murdered five proslavery settlers along Pottawatomie Creek.” (Etcheson 1). Serval groups or clubs were formed during this time so that people with similar opinions could meet and discuss plans and what was happening. One of these was a pro-slavery group called “Law and Order Party”.

                If this event hadn’t happened The Civil War may have never happened, and this war was one of the most important events in American History. Blood was shed, homes were ruined, groups were formed, massacres and murders occurred, and lives were affected greatly. Bleeding Kansas was a horrific event that shaped one of the most important wars our country battled.