Born to a family who has had previous work experience in the aviation industry, I was exposed to various air-shows and aircraft exhibitions at a very young age. This exposure instilled in me a rapidly growing interest for aircrafts and for the science of aviation. Not long after, the newly released Microsoft Flight Simulator along with a joystick, would be a norm on my Christmas wish-lists. Moreover, in school, learning about turbulent airflow around an aircrafts’ wing in Physics class seemed to be a lot more enthralling than learning about Ancient Rome in History class. This fascination of aircrafts combined with my immense enthusiasm for Physics further intensified as I soon found myself feeding my brain with any aviation related material I could get my hands on.

Before I knew it, this infatuation had firmly set my mind on following my parents’ footsteps by deciding to pursue a career in the aviation industry.  Essentially, my long term goal and my dream job is to become a commercial airline pilot. Fortunately, over the years I have been able to interact with numerous pilots from major international airlines as I networked to learn more about their profession and the actions they took to get over there. From the adrenaline rush they receive from pushing the throttle forward to making that crucial crosswind landing, their constant relating of experiences of being a pilot has captivated me greatly. The idea of being able to make a 350,000 kilogram aircraft fly – and with every day being a different experience with a constantly changing environment, is very appealing. Although it is speculated that the weight of the responsibilities of a pilot can be quite daunting, I would think that being a pilot is a challenging and rewarding career that has, arguably, the best office view!  A Bachelors Degree in Aviation would lay the foundation for me to become an airline pilot. Not only will it strengthen and develop my interests of the field but also equip me with the crucial skills I require for my career. This degree program will also provide me with aircraft-specific knowledge that will give me the head start on my aspirations to become a pilot.

Ideally, I would be able to network with other aviation enthusiasts to collaborate, discuss and expand my knowledge of the field. More importantly, it gives me the opportunity to explore and learn more of what I’m most passionate about – the world of aviation. Upon successfully graduating from ERAU – Asia with a degree in the Bachelor of Science in Aeronautics, I wish to get my flight training underway, aiming to earn my private, commercial and multi-engine pilot licenses whilst building up flying hours. This should enable me to gain the necessary skills, qualifications and experience to make my dreams a reality – to establish a career in the aviation industry as a commercial airline pilot.  


I'm Katy!

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