Bouncing you to know it will get better.

Bouncing back is crucial in life. Why because we all have or
will fail at something in our life. If you find yourself in a valley now I
want, you to know it will get better. I personally have experienced failure, in
my early twenties I decided to open a franchise restaurant. We took over an
existing business that seemed to be fine. I was already thinking about opening
a second before I even bought the first. I was excited and ready for the
challenge. I was continuing my fulltime job as we ran the new restaurant. We were
in a very high rent district inside a mall.

What I didn’t understand was malls have cycles of traffic.
The traffic was good for the first several years of the restaurant, so sales
were fine. As a naive twenty-four-year-old I didn’t realize the mall we were in
was about to go practically out of business over the next few years.  I learned later the previous owner knew this
from experience. When he approached me to buy his restaurant he told me how
great I was, and I really should be in business for myself. As an entrepreneur
spirt I readily agreed.

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We ended up closing the business in the fifth year with
losses and it was the hardest thing I and my family had ever experienced. I was
devastated about the failure and was deeply wounded inside. I had let my family
and everyone down. I honestly thought going into that venture that if we worked
hard enough we couldn’t lose. I learned that hard work helps but doesn’t ensure
success. There are many variables.

So how do you bounce back from failure? How do you get your
confidence back? It could be business failure, relationship failure, work
failure, or any kind of the many unknown failures a person might have.

First off for me it was through prayer and meditation. My
wife was so good while I was struggling, without her help I couldn’t have made
it. I had fallen into a depression and was beating myself up about failing and
putting my family through a rough financial period.

Second, I had some great friends and business relationships
who would tell me not to let it keep me down. They really encouraged me to keep
moving forward. I’m not going to lie it took me a couple years to start feeling
better. One of my close friends who owns several newspapers really picked me up
and gave me a lot of great advice through that period. Looking back, I wish I
would have handled it better.

That’s the main reason I’m telling you about my failure and
pain I went through. I really don’t like talking about but if I can help
someone realize they can make it through the pain of failure and bounce back.  

Life has a way of throwing curve balls to us. Life is always
changing sometimes things are going great sometimes they aren’t. So, during
those valley times that is when the growth moments occur.

When I was facing that challenge, I couldn’t see out of the
cloud. The sunshine was just beyond but it was all grey. These challenges will
wear you out, sometimes you will get bitter at the situation and people around
you possibly.

I had a friend that was fired from his company. He was a
General Manager of a large company with lots of employees. He was hurt,
embarrassed and angry about it.  He
decided to start a company of his own. He wanted to prove to his former
employer that they made a mistake by letting him go. His reaction was powerful
and intentional. Instead of letting it keep him down he rose to the challenge
with his new company that competed directly against his previous company. He
was able to not let the bitterness hold him back. He went on to grow a strong business
that is very successful.

No matter how good you are no matter how much you work on
yourself Murphy’s law will happen, “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong”.  

Why do these things happen to good people, not sure why it’s
called life? I once read a book written by Robert Schuller. Robert Schuller was
the founder of the Crystal Cathedral designed by world – famous architect
Phillip Johnson in Anaheim California. (Photo of Crystal Cathedral) Schuller
was born on a small farm in rural Iowa. He was the fifth child of Dutch
immigrant parents who lived in a small farmhouse without electricity or
plumbing. When he was a child him and his father one day spotted the tail of a tornado
twirling down from the sky as they worked. His father rushed to get the family
out of harm’s way and wait out the storm. When they were able to view things
they quickly recognized the twister had destroyed everything his Mother and
Father had worked so hard for over the last thirty years. The animals were dead
the house gone and even the corn flattened and tree’s uprooted. His father was
a quiet man and didn’t say much. They decided to rebuild the farm. There wasn’t
an insurance policy or federal aid to help them, they had to do it on their own.
This is when a young Robert Schuller learned one of his most valuable life
lessons about never giving up by seeing his father not let his circumstances
become his enemy. Robert Schuller went on to become one of the most well-known ministers
and motivational speakers of the late twentieth century.

Others that bounced back include: Walt Disney who was fired
from his news paper job because the editor felt Walt “lacked imagination and
had no good ideas”. He built Disney World and went on to become the guy who
redefined American Childhood.

Theodor Seuss Geisel better known as Dr. Seuss Geisel had
his first book rejected by twenty-seven different publishers. Dr. Seuss went on
to become the legendary Children’s author known around the world for his
classics like “The cat in the Hat” and more. His books have sold more than six
hundred million copies.

Oprah Winfrey was fired from her first television job
because she would “get to emotionally invested in her stories”. She went on to
become the queen of television talk shows and is worth three billion, according
to Forbes.

Robert Kiyosaki the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad had many
setbacks in his early business days. When he was thirty-three he started a
business that sold Velcro wallets to surfers to protect their items. With tremendous
competition his business went bankrupt! It wasn’t until Robert turned fifty
years old before he penned his best seller of 26 million copies worldwide Rich
Dad Poor Dad. He never gave up on his dream through many setbacks.

Anytime you set your goals and you’re on your way and then
you don’t achieve you what you set out for, that can be so hard. Successful
people will use those lessons to propel themselves forward. It doesn’t have to
always be the big things it can be the small things in our everyday life goals.
Michael Jordan is considered by many the greatest basketball player of all
time. Did you know he failed to make the varsity basketball team when he was a sophomore
in high school? It might not sound like a big deal but if you ever played high
school basketball you would know that is a big deal to someone like Michael Jordan.
He was devastated! Now Michael could have got upset and decided to give up
since he didn’t hit his goal. Instead it made him work harder and the rest is
history. Napoleon Hill said, “every adversity has within it the seed of an
equal or greater benefit”. It must be found planted and harvested though. So,
you must discover what the gift is and take steps to grow from it.

Life is tough, and adversity does happen, Google shows data
points on the internet about failure. That’s a lot about failure. People must
think about failure a lot according to Google. Fear of failure or the unknown will
hold you back. Winston Churchill said, “Success consists of going from failure
to failure without loss of enthusiasm” So you must continue to dream. You must
stay motivated through your troubles. Figure out your true passion and march towards
it. If you have a dream don’t let anyone stop you. Happiness is different to
everyone success is different to everyone. I want to encourage you to pick up
after a failure and keep moving forward.

Reading in the Bible about Peter. Peter was a doer, he even
chopped the ear of a soldier off trying to protect his friend. He was a motivated
devout follower. Jesus went on to tell him he would reject him three times.
Peter was like I will never deny you, but when in a difficult setting he did
deny Jesus three times. After this Peter lost hope and was discouraged after
that. He was disappointed in himself, he felt bad and that he was a letdown and
not loyal. However, Peter would not stay down and ended up helping start the
Christian Church. Very important person in history.

Life is full of examples of people who have failed at one
thing or another. It truly is not about your past failures but where your going
and where you end up.

Jim Rohn was a millionaire by age thirty-one and broke by thirty-three.
He made some unwise decisions according to him. He could have just given up,
but what he said he did was just go back to work. Sometimes our attitude will
hold us back because we can’t believe we failed. We must go back to work. Jim
went on to become a very wealthy man but also went on to help and share his philosophies
on life and success with millions of people around the world.