Brieana Casarez, Emiko Hemphill, Alexis Valdez


Instructor- Cornelius

December 12th 2017


Immigration is a topic that has been
around and talked about by many people from different point of views.
Unfortunately immigration issues have come in to light more than ever since the
current Presidential election. Just like any argument, there are two sides.
There are those who believe in deportation to help free up room for jobs taken
by those who are not US citizens and get rid of them. Then there are those who
do not agree with deportation and feel that one should not discriminate against
anyone. Instead everyone should be given an equal opportunity to live freely in
America. The fear of deportation has become a major ethical dilemma in modern
history and a battle between those who are all for it and those who do not want
to see it come into effect. Perhaps one of the best possible ways to begin
addressing the dilemma of deportation in America might be through the
philosophical approach of utilitarianism because it would strive to do the most
good and least harm for the greatest number of people. Utilitarianism would
advocate that immigrants should be given an equal opportunity to apply for citizenship
by making the process easier, people need to stop prejudging others before
hearing them out, and citizens would stop seeing immigrants as criminals and
violence starters.

Deportation is an issue that has been
around for ages. Many immigrants fear what their fate may hold later on if
certain laws and bans pass. Deportation is an ethical dilemma that has recently resurfaced due
to the current presidential administration. Living in fear every day is
something that has become a reality for these immigrants. America is the land
of the free and immigrants do not feel free, they have to constantly watch
their backs and stay alert for fear of being deported back to their country.
The target countries of Mexico and Afghanistan are seen as major threats from immigrants.
 There are two standpoints when it comes
to this issue. There are those who stand for deportation and see it as a way of
clearing up room for more job opportunities taken by immigrants and an easier
way to get rid of non-citizens. Then there are those who do not see deportation
as necessary. They believe America is the land of the free and that everyone
should be able to have an opportunity to live there. Immigrants make up about a
third to nearly a half of the population growth in the U.S.

Utilitarianism is one of many philosophical approaches. The word Utilitarianism is often linked back to
the age of Greek philosophers, but the term itself was first used in the 1800’s
by British philosopher John Stuart Mill. According to Oxford dictionary the
word utilitarianism means, “The doctrine that an action is right in so far that
promotes happiness.” It is said that utilitarianism is one of the most powerful
approaches to ethics in the history of philosophy.

Utilitarianism can readily be used to
overcome the ethical dilemma of deportation. One-way to overcome the issue of
deportations involving immigrants is to give them the equal opportunity to
apply for citizenship just like everyone else. Applying for citizenship in
America can be a long and difficult process. Before immigrants can even think
about applying for citizenship they must have a green card. Gaining this I.D.
is the hardest part of the whole process. Some immigrants have to wait months
or even years before they are finally able to hold one in their hands. Once an
immigrant has a green card it is time to apply for citizenship. To apply for
citizenship immigrants must follow many steps and meet certain requirements
before entering the initial process. Once immigrants are finally able to apply
for citizenship, a difficult test is given that not even most Americans are
capable of passing. Besides the testing and qualifications needed the funds for
citizenship can start to get out of control. According the article, “Path to
U.S. Citizenship Costly, Tedious,” by Romy Ribitzky the author states, “Most
immigration lawyers can charge between $5,000 to $7,5000 through the green card
process alone.” (Ribitzky p.1) This statement shows how much time and many is
put in through immigrants. If immigrants do not have citizenship by a certain
time there is the possibility of being deported. To help overcome the dilemma
of deportation, citizenship should be simpler to apply for. Instead of waiting
months or a year, immigrants should find out if they qualify a lot sooner to
give them time to prepare to apply for citizenship again. This will make the
process run a lot smoother and give everyone an equal opportunity for

The reason Immigrants travel to America
is to seek new opportunities and possibilities not available in their native
country. Many Americas see immigrants as stealing jobs when they move to
America. A lot of Americans pre-judge immigrants before finding out the primary
reason why they are in America. Pre-judging is a habit many do before even
knowing the other person’s situation. People tend to judge based on looks, personality,
and accents. A big problem involving immigration and deportation is many
Americans tend to judge based on appearance and the way one talks. Most
immigrants cannot even walk down the street without stares from others. Not all
immigrants are bad. Most immigrants come to America to seek better jobs to make
more money to help their families out and have a stable source of income.
Immigrants are not coming to America to despise Americans and steal their jobs
on purpose. Immigrants are trying to come and live a better life and the ones
who have children usually go to college. Judgment is common when immigrants are
seen, another way to overcome this ethical dilemma is to stop pre judging
others before actually hearing their story as to why they are here, and let
them explain themselves.

With the most recent presidential
administration many of accusations towards immigrants have been made.
Immigrants have been targeted and called criminals. Since these accusations have
been made the way people look at immigration has shifted, and many are in favor
of deportation to help rid of violence and criminal activity. In the article,
“Only Mass Deportation Can Save America,” by Bret Stepehns, the author states,
“So-called real Americans are messing up America. Maybe they should leave, so
newcomers who are more appreciative of what the United States has to offer can
bring their children.” (Stephens p.1) This author’s statement shows that
immigrants are not the issue. Instead it is the people already living America
who are there by making false accusations towards immigrants. Americans are
swayed by what is said by the current presidential administration and made
their opinion on immigrants possibly change. The final way to overcome the
ethical dilemma of deportation is to stop seeing immigrants as criminals and
actually look at the facts and see the root of the problem before making
accusations towards others.

In conclusion, deportation is an issue
that has been around for many years but has become a major issue recently. Many
fear for their lives of the possibility of being deported back to their native
country. If the philosophical approach of utilitarianism  is applied to the ethical dilemma of
deportation, and this solution would help the most and do the least harm.


















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