After monthly CODO i.e. Cost Down. Along with

After completing thetraining, I chose to work in Assembly Section in the Industrial Department. Mymain responsibility was to optimize the process of assembling and reduce thecycle time of the processes involved to achieve monthly CODO i.e. Cost Down. Along with this, I was trained in the implementation of techniques such as 5S,Kanban, TPM and Lean Manufacturing. My activities along with the coordinationof shop floor workers developed my skills to design a lean environment andgained a lot of exposure to global manufacturing practices. I was the part ofthe projects which came under the Poka Yoke, aimed to cut short the cycle […]

Behavior common in adults and if left untreated

Behavior disorders, also known as disruptive behavioral disorders, are the most common reasons that parents are told to take their children for mental health assessments. They are also very common in adults and if left untreated in childhood it can negatively affect someone’s ability to maintain positive relationships as well as their ability to hold down jobs. Behavior disorders can be broken down into a couple of different subcategories. These include: anxiety disorders, dissociative disorders, emotional disorders, and pervasive developmental disorder. Anxiety is a normal emotion however some people get to a point were it intereferes with their daily life […]

Introduction Medical record keeping Legible; signed; dated; appropriate

Introduction What is casebased discussion and what areas it focus on? Focus Positive indicators Medical record keeping Legible; signed; dated; appropriate to the problem; understandable in relation to and in sequence with other entries; helps the next clinician give effective and appropriate care. Clinical assessment Understood the patient’s story; made a clinical assessment based on appropriate questioning and examination. Investigation and referral Discusses the rationale for the investigations and necessary referrals; understands why diagnostic studies were ordered or performed, including the risks and benefits in relation to the differential diagnosis. Treatment Discusses the rationale for the treatment, including the risks and […]

GST the price of goods and services they

GST stands for “Goods and Services Tax”, and is proposed to be a comprehensive indirect tax levy on manufacture, sale andconsumption of goods as well as services at the national level. Its main objective is to consolidates all indirect tax levies into asingle tax, except customs replacing multiple tax levies, overcoming the limitations of existing indirect tax structure, and creatingefficiencies in tax administration. Therefore, GST is a broad based and a single comprehensive tax levied on goods and servicesconsumed in an economy. However, there is a huge opposition against its implementation. The entire nation is apprehensive aboutGST and its implications.Keywords: […]

The one direction, creating direct current (DC). Then

The world is going through a technological advancement process and as the world is getting more and more advanced in technology it is becoming more and more power hungry. To keep up with the power consumption of the current world we need more sources. Today 80% of the energy we use comes from fossil fuels. But as our sources for fossil fuels is limited we should emphasise on renewable energy. Thinking about renewable energy the first source that comes to our mind is solar energy. The Sun is the star at the centre of the Solar System. It is a […]

The affect marine ecosystems.” However, in order to

The primary purpose of this research paper is to inform the reader about marine ecosystems and its importance on why they need to stay conserved. Marine ecosystems are one of the largest ecosystems, taking into account that water makes up about seventy percent of earth surface. It’s considered a significant ecosystem, since it has the ability to support both animal and plant life. Marine ecosystem have so much diversity upon them that it is necessary to keep it out of harm in order to preserve aquatic life. This ecosystem should be valued more and stop getting damaged before it’s too […]

A white creamy heart over the coffees! He

A lovely college-going girl, (dressed in a casual t shirt and jeans) is walking hand-in-hand with her tall boyfriend in amall. She is saying, ” My dear, Our love is going to be two years old in three days! Feels like yesterday,..haha.. Can’t believe it’s almost been two years already!” And just then when she looks at him, she catches him not listening to her, but looking at anothergirl! She gets angry and upset, and immediately withdraws her hand swiftly and walks into a café. Sits at a table. Her boyfriend sees her going away and instantly realizes what went wrong! He quickly follows her and pulls a chair and sits at her table, facing her. He starts convincing […]

Understand their customers. Marketing manager of every company

Understand how marketing environments are affecting the business. Marketing environments are the factors and forces that influence a company’s capability to have a successful business with the target customers. McDonald’s Company can be affected by some marketing environments in the businesses such as technological, competitive, economic, global and sociocultural factors. i)                   Technological Factors Technological innovations are influencing each aspect of the social and business environment whether in marketing, promoting, sales or service for clients can boost the product’s performance. Therefore, McDonald’s concern and assure the suitable use of technology for accomplish the organisational goals and competitive advantage (Baldwin,2013 n.p.). Technology […]

UMSTMaster 34 STANDARD …………………………………………………………………………………………….. 45 SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT METHODOLOGY

UMSTMaster of Science in Information SystemsBatch(03)Information System Quality ManagementDocument subtitlePrepared by:Israa Abdulla Moh AbdullaMIS03-2017-003UNIVERSITYiUMSTUNIVERSITY UNIVERSITY UNIVERSITYMaster of Science in Information Systems Master of Science in Information Systems Master of Science in Information Systems Master of Science in Information Systems Master of Science in Information Systems Master of Science in Information Systems Master of Science in Information Systems Master of Science in Information SystemsBatch(03) Batch(03) Batch(03)Information System Quality Management Information System Quality Management Information System Quality Management Information System Quality Management Information System Quality Management Information System Quality Management Information System Quality Management Information System Quality Management Information System Quality Management […]

OFFICE an extraordinary set of corporate identity outlines.

OFFICE STATIONERYIt is safe to say that you are launchingyour new business? Or on the other hand is your present image required a new office stationery? Perhaps you have a logo althoughneed to set up an eye-getting design and printing on your office stationery.Likewise, clients expect that your brandstatus will be professionally composed over all media. Thus, you truly don’tneed your brand to feel outdated, lack visual interest, or show up carelessly produced.You might be wanting a letterhead that matches the all of your stationery. So,whether you hand out your clients your business cards or business organizers,they feel a similar […]

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