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What is the impact of Information Technology Security on organizations, government, and military services? The objective is to understand what the necessary steps in cyber-attack prevention are. Another objective is how to prevent or recover from an information breach.               The purpose of this paper is to examine how information security impacts U.S. Military Services, government, and large-scale organizations. In today’s modern culture, technology has become a powerful asset of daily lives and continuously progresses. Technological advances have flourished in impacting our lifestyle in every sector. Technology is utilized in energy, healthcare, education, transportation, agriculture, and more. However, with […]

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Dear sir/madam, My name is Md Ata ullah,  Bangladeshi by birth. I writing to apply  for the Master’s Degree in Finance for which I am crawling. I am currently working part-time as a Customer Service officer for T.K group of industries. My key  job role involves “Discounts and Rewards Management, Serving customers, and dealing with customer inquiries and complaints both in person and over the phone.” In my native area, Bangladesh, competition, and standardization are the remarkable features of the job market. The employee who has foreign degrees, normally he/she gets priority in job placement, promotions as well as in […]

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1.     Regulatory Body: Ø  OSFI – Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (Federal Regulator) ·       Keep a watch over federally regulated financial institutions and pension plans to check that they are in sound financial condition and meet the regulatory and supervisory requirements. ·       Monitors and identifies issues that might impact the financial condition of federally regulated institutions negatively. ·       Regulates federally regulated financial institutions and foreign bank representative offices. Ø  FICOM – Financial Institutions Commission of British Columbia (Provincial Regulator) ·       Protects consumers from unnecessary loss and unfair market behaviour by providing fair and balanced regulation of provincially regulated […]

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Rather, we should encourage debate, communication and learning between technology experts, business and the profession to envision the way we solve fundamental business problems with the help of new technologies. THINK RADICALLY In doing this, the profession also needs to be open to more apprehensive change. Where AI enhances greater understanding from data, it enables experts to make take decisions and provide better directions. Evidence suggests that humans and computers working together in areas as diverse as chess and medicine produce better results than human or computers in solitude. Furthermore, it needs to focus on the specific skills and qualities […]

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Living in two millenniums, I have seen people advancing from steam train to bullet train for travelling, landline phone to smart phone for communicating, standing in market to E-commerce for shopping and manual efforts to automation for working. But we still condone the problem of Traffic congestion, Law enforcement & security, Controlling pollution, Water management, Education Planning, Health Monitoring and so on. Resolution to these hurdles is Analytics, where big data can play extremely important role in transport management. Traffic congestion is a critical problem faced by all major cities, information of public buses and other modes of transport on […]

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Figure 1: Types of business processes in which RPA can be used Source : A 2016 study conducted by Capgemini Consulting and Capgemini Business Services   Work areas in shared services are generally loaded with repetitive and time-consuming processes. With RPA, the staffs performing high volume, highly transactional processes can immediately enjoy the benefits of RPA as it can significantly improve accuracy and quality for a business’ processes by eliminating human error associated with these voluminous, repetitive tasks.   The experts from ACCA view on finance’s transformation, shared services and outsourcing advisory group that despite billions of dollars spent on […]

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        CHAPTER 2 MUTUAL FUNDS IN INDIA   ·     MUTUAL FUNDS IN INDIA ·     REGULATION OF SEBI IN  INDIA ·     NET ASSET VALUE (NAV)   ·     CALCULATION OF NAV               Mutual Funds in India   The mutual fund industry in India began in 1963 with the formation of the Unit Trust of India (UTI) as an initiative of the Government of India and the Reserve Bank of India. Much later, in 1987, SBI Mutual Fund became the first non-UTI mutual fund in India.   The year 1963 heralded a new era […]

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1.IntroductionWith the rapid development of international trade, capital circulation, multinational corporations and information technology, the phenomenon of globalization has become a hot topic in the literature. Globalization will become one of the most important characteristics of the new century. The metropolis of the world is taking the lead, actively or passively globalization, the city’s development has begun to enter a new era, that is, the era of globalization, the world’s cities will once again be divided in the global network system is being established, Play a different role. The revolution in communication technology and the drop in global shipping prices […]

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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY   Office system in records management are important to company which provides data of business activity, employees and company records. Function of records management will enhance the competence and efficiency of organization. Operation records management involved cost and risk, but good records management will reduce those parameters.  By manage the records effectively, each result taking from decision-makers consist information they need and thus will improve the quality of decision making, quality of business activity, long term planning, quality reporting and quick and accurate customer service.  Records derive from many different form but not limited to paper and electronic […]

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From the beginning when I was in school I like math’s so much that I always try to find excuses to do math instead of any other subject. My this interest is keep getting increased with the passage of time and after finishing my high school, I took admission in the commerce field because my plan was to become a professional accountant in my life. When I was about to finish commerce my parents wants me to study abroad, so I came here (in Ireland) to do my higher studies in the field of accounting and finance. My dream job […]

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