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I have completed Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical Engineering from Mumbai University. I possess IT skills. During the third year, I got a chance to study Project Management which has got its implementation in business sector. The subject called as Business Communication and Ethics has helped me in improving my communication and presentation skills. I have also learned Matlab software in second year. I had also got a chance to learn Project designing during final year. My final year academic project was about electricity generation by windmill using the principle of maglev. It was basically designed to overcome the drawbacks […]

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1.     Lack of accountability                  The obligation of an individual or an organization to organize activities, acknowledge the responsibilities and disclose the results transparently is known as accountability. No plan will be effective without reviewing the progress of the plan. Without reviewing no changes can be made and it won’t be effective. Finally, as a result the strategy  becomes extraneous to the business operations. Evaluation is an important element of accountability in the workplace. At the team level and at the individual level, it is important to assess the need for roles and errors periodically, leading to increased personal […]

E-COMMERCE E-commerce & E-business to the society. E-commerce

E-COMMERCE V/S E-BUSINESS BY MITHUN DAS TP 3rd YEAR BCOM CA, KR’S SREE NARAYANA COLLEGE THOZHUVANOOR, VALANCHERY, KERALA INDIA [email protected]   ABSTRACT                        The seminar deals with the different comparison of E-commerce & E-business. E-commerce & E-business process in same ways but they provide their service in different ways. Here, we can see the method, process, service etc. of E-commerce & E-business to the society. E-commerce is a transaction of buying and selling through online. E-commerce draws on technology such as Mobile commerce, EFT, Supply chain management, internet marketing, online transaction processing etc. E-commerce providing or participating  in online market […]

Jadwal Kuliah

2013 The Period of February – July Course Schedule MASTER OF MANAGEMENT FACULTY OF ECONOMICS AND BUSINESS UNIVERSITAS GADJAH MADA 1|P a g e ? ? ? ? ? ? Pre-MBA Batch 62 Regular Class International Class KK-Diknas II Reg. Class Executive Class KK-MA Executive Class The List of Lecturer of Pre-MBA Batch 62 The period of February – July 2013 Nr. COURSE CREDIT SESSION LECTURER CLASS A CLASS B Preliminary Session 1 IFM 2 IB 3 4 CLASS C (swj) Prof. Dr. Suwardjono, M. Sc. Introduction to Financial Management 3 36 aa Ahmad Amin, S. E. , M. B. […]

Case Analysis of Hershey Company

Case Analysis of Hershey Company Name: Course: Institution: Instructor: Date: Case Analysis of Hershey Company Executive summary Hershey Company is the largest producer of chocolate products in North America with sales from 2009 climbing up by 5.9% to settle at $1.17 billion. Hershey Company operates in over sixty countries throughout the world. The main plants are situated in Pennsylvania, California, Lancaster, Tennessee and Mexico. Hershey’s main products include chocolate bars, chocolate syrup and chips. Founded in 1882, Milton S. Hershey started The Hershey Company as Lancaster Caramel Company, but he later sold it and reinvested in chocolate manufacturing. The first […]

Business Communication Hypothesis

Business Communication Hypothesis Name: Institution: Course: Date: Business Communication Hypothesis In the article, “Improving Business Ethics with the Sapir-Whorf-Korzybski Hypothesis in Business Communication Classes”, Franklin Krohn intends to show that the increased use of business terms that connote violence affects business ethics by influencing the way people think. Businesspersons have increased their usage of war related terms, which connote violence, in business settings. He uses the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis, which claims that the labels that people use shape the way they think and behave, and the way they see the world. The business environment has experienced increased abuse of business ethics, […]

Business Communication

Name: Course: Lecturer: Date: Business Communication Introduction Almost all organizations today require efficient communication of information and any other issues across different levels, and within different fields to survive the dynamic environment that requires informed decision-making. Without it, organizations cannot run efficiently. Almost all operations within the business organizations such as project management, presentations and conflict solving and among others require effective communication. A major in business communication seeks to offer its students the skills that are required for enhancing communication within diverse business environments, people, and across different cultural backgrounds for smooth coordination (W.P. Carey 2012). With this major, […]

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