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IT Problem:Ohio Youth Foundation is a non-profit organization that helps young people from the poverty-driven area to get them out of poverty. In particular, the organization focuses on youth who have been exposed a to drugs and would like to get back to the normal life. Ohio Youth Foundation objective is to provide 6-months vocational training and provide 6-months internship to the young people. While they go for the 6-months vocational training, the organization also covers a certification program to persuade future education. Ohio year up foundation covers the wide area within the state of Ohio. It has operation offices […]

Business & Society

Business & Society Name: Course: Date: Business & Society One method in which shareholders can be able to exercise their rights as shareholders is through voting of directors as well as on other corporate matters affecting the corporation such as approving of changes to the articles of incorporation, approving of mergers and acquisitions, sale of assets and dissolution of the corporation. In the chosen corporation, shareholder voting affects the returns of the company since approving of one corporate governance proposal increases shareholder value. The only way to ensure that directors of a corporation are held accountable of their actions is […]

Network between the two locations, it can also

NetworkRail is the company that owns and operates UK’s entire railway infrastructure.They are also the biggest stakeholder of the infrastructure. Network Rail’soperation include the maintenance mainly the track, electrification andsignalling also the support and renewal of the railway. Though they havemultiple partners and stakeholders, Network Rail is the primary stakeholder.But this also means the additional partners and companies associated withNetwork Rail also have obligations to support and maintain the railwayinfrastructure.  Anexample of another stakeholder is the Department of Transport. This stakeholderhas control over the funding and the price of train fairs. This ultimatelychanges how much Network Rail receives in revenue […]

Introduction user-generated content” (Kaplan & Haenlein, 2010). The

Introduction of the issueSocial media is a phenomenon that has transformed theinteraction and communication of individuals throughout the world (Edomswan etal., 2011). Social media websites are forms of electronic communication “thatbuild upon … the technological foundations of the internet and allow thecreation and exchange of user-generated content” (Kaplan & Haenlein, 2010). The main uses of social media by employees are: blogs, socialnetworking sites, wikis and video-or content sharing sites. (Piskorki &McCall, 2010; Vaast, Davidson, &Mattson, forth coming).It is seen by many as having a positive impact onbusiness due to being easily accessible and providing new ways of connectingwith customers (Cisco, 2010; Dunn, 2010; Wilson, […]

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With the given prompt, it had to be determined how best to handle network security for an online streaming media company. As a company that relies heavily on third party vendors, it’s important to focus on the security risks of transferring data outside the company’s firewalls. This includes the security risks of using email and FTP; similarly, the security precautions for networks inside the workplace environment should also be considered. Email is one of the most commonly used methods in a business environment for data transfer. Unfortunately, email poses a lot of threats to a company’s safety. Messages containing critical […]

AirAsia flight cost so that everyone can fly

AirAsia is one of the leading Malaysia airlines company was established in 2001 by Dato’ Tony Fernandez. AirAsia is bought by Tune Air Sdn Bhd which is a partner business company. Nowadays, AirAsia has become award winning and largest low-cost airline in Asia region. The slogan “Now Everyone Can Fly” is set to offer low-cost, no frill and quality flying services for everyone as their preferred transport choice. Its affiliate airlines such as AirAsia Thai, AirAsia Indonesia, AirAsia Philippines and AirAsia India which have 174 airbus and 20 hubs in different country. AirAsia’s vision is to be established as the […]

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