Product Quality

Does product quality guarantee the success of a business? Various factors are analyzed to examine whether or not a good quality product by itself can propel a business into success. A product of good quality can be defined as one that best satisfies the consumer’s needs at the price they are willing to pay. While it is integral to business success, it is certainly not the only factor that guarantees it, simply because businesses function as an integrated whole, and the success of only one part does not guarantee success of the entire organization.Business success can be referred to as […]

Qulity Managment

Quality Management for Organizational Excellence Lecture/Presentation Notes By: Dr. David L. Goetsch and Stanley Davis Based on the book Quality Management for Organizational Excellence (7Th Edition) Presented By; Dr. Rania A. M Shamah Associate Professor of Business Administration 1 One: The Total Quality Approach to Quality Management MAJOR TOPICS • What is Quality? • The Total Quality Approach Defined • Two Views of Quality • Key Elements of Total Quality • Total Quality Pioneers • Keys to Total Quality Success • How is Six Sigma Achieved? • The Future of Quality Management 2One: The Total Quality Approach to Quality Management […]

Discussion Questions for Week 2

Name: Lecturer: Course: Date: Discussion Questions for Week 2 Ropes Part 1 The technical/rational view of Organizational Behavior emphasizes on efficiency with which a task can be done, how tasks can be organized into jobs and how best to make these jobs productive. This perspective terms the organization as a machine with enclosed tasks and procedures of completing the tasks. The manager is strictly on the operational capacity where the parts and procedures of the “machine” are scrutinized as well as redesigned to improve efficiency. The cultural/interpretive view is less practical and deals more with aspects of human nature such […]


Innovation and Changes Name: Institution: Course: Tutor: Date: Innovation and Changes 1. Introduction Companies are currently experiencing significant changes in organizational needs and management policies. To adapt to technological change, and increased competition in markets, organizations have focused their efforts on streamlining their internal operations. Various schools of thought have established differing strategies to meet the aforementioned need. Some have called for less stringent policies in the work environment, to improve the respective companies’ flexibility in operation. However, others have argued that such an approach limits the effectiveness in an organization’s productivity. They, therefore, for a stringent system that ensures […]

Article Critique

Article Critique Name: Course: Institution: Instructor: Date: Article Critique Identification The name of the article is “From Research to Revenue: Optimizing IP Profits with Enterprise Contract Management”. The author is Ralf Vonsosen. It can be located in the CM Magazine of July 2005 from pages 28-33. Summary The author tries to bring to light the importance of licensing intellectual property for companies. He says this is a good way for companies to earn substantial revenue. First, he says that the Enterprise Contract Management solutions are vital in managing intellectual property. However, these solutions must have quantifiable impacts on the business […]


ANSWER QUESTIONS Name: Course: Date: Answer Questions Question 1 Effectively implementing strategic change is critical for improving organizational performance. Explain reasons why strategic change programs fail and discuss the critical issues that need to be addressed when implementing change programs Successful implementation of strategic change programs is crucial in the performance of any organization as well as its competitive advantage. However, it is surprising that most organizations do not realize the 60% potential of their strategic change programs as most of the programs end up failing. Some of the reasons causing such failures are discussed. One of the main reasons […]


Cineplex is aCanadian entertainment company and operates numerous businesses within Cineplex(“Cineplex Entertainment”). ThisCanadian entrainment company offers film entertainment, theatrical exhibition,food services, amusement, digital commerce and digital signage (“Cineplex Entertainment”). Cineplex Inc. was originally called GalaxyEntertainment (1999-2003), Cineplex Galaxy Income Fund (2003-2011), andCineplex Galaxy (2003-2005) (“Cineplex OdeonCorporation – Company Profile”). In 1912, theFamous Players Film Corporation was founded by Adolph Zukor (“Cineplex Odeon Corporation – CompanyProfile”). Sixty-seven years later in 1979, Cineplex Odeon Corporationwas created by Garth Drabinsky and Nathan Taylor (“Cineplex Odeon Corporation – Company Profile”). The companyopened it’s first cineplex at the Eaton Centre in Toronto, Ontario. CineplexOdeon expanded […]

Citibank data, that would have reduced any capital

Citibankis one of the largest and oldest banks that has been offering services to itscustomers. Incidents can be prevented most of the times by taking correctsafety actions and imagining the worst and all kinds of situations possible. Fromthe incident it is evident that a suitable and necessary plan to mitigate theoverall, loss was missing or weak. Identifying risks is a significant step, followedby prioritizing the risks. These are to be thought in all possible ways toprevent such incidents.Theincident of 2005 could have been prevented by the bank up to some extent byminimizing the quantifiable breach of data or the nature […]

Introduction: advertisements. The issue is, are these commercials

Introduction: Reminiscing on childhood memories can be endearing, especially favorite childhood shows. In the commercials, products would be shown for the latest products the public “just had to get”. But exactly how appropriate are these commercials to a child’s prosperity? In the 1940s, television began to gain popularity. Advertisers used this as a new and profitable marketing system to children (O’Barr). Legislations were rooted in place to control advertisements being exposed to children. Are these enough laws though? Despite these legislations, advertisers can still find loopholes to negatively market to children. To keep their profits up, advertisers can find a […]

Watson of the ecological devastation of the earth.”

Watson and Shiva on Environmental Corruption and Protection : A Rhetorical Analysis In his essay, “Tora! Tora! Tora!” Paul Watson’s actions themselves are perceived as made  in violation of international law since he lacks the legal authority to enforce international law; also, he uses pathos as an emotional appeal to his readers. Meanwhile, in her book, “Water Wars: Privatization, Pollution, and Profit” Vandana Shiva combines a scientist’s analytical rigor with an activist’s commitment to economic and social change. She states that increased population and economic development have increased demands for water around the word, and as the resource is finite, […]

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