After monthly CODO i.e. Cost Down. Along with

After completing thetraining, I chose to work in Assembly Section in the Industrial Department. Mymain responsibility was to optimize the process of assembling and reduce thecycle time of the processes involved to achieve monthly CODO i.e. Cost Down. Along with this, I was trained in the implementation of techniques such as 5S,Kanban, TPM and Lean Manufacturing. My activities along with the coordinationof shop floor workers developed my skills to design a lean environment andgained a lot of exposure to global manufacturing practices. I was the part ofthe projects which came under the Poka Yoke, aimed to cut short the cycle […]

All that contain the pattern of roles and

All over the world in recent decades major changes have occurred in the composition of the workforce. Due to economic and cultural reasons, women workforce has increased significantly in rural as well as urban areas of Subcontinent as well. Though in our setup, most of the rural women are either self employed, casual workers or they have involved themselves in agriculture (Srivastava N, 2010). As for now, it has been that, many employees are indulging in dual-earning lifestyle which engages both partners in work to share the responsibility of family caregiving (Friedman and Greenhaus, 2000). Ironically though, Dual-earning, by itself, […]

Abstract— and Artificial Intelligence (AI).the objective of this

Abstract— today cyber-security becomes a need as it provides protection from highly vulnerable intrusions and is impractical for human without considerable automation to handle cyber threat and highly vulnerable intrusions. To handle this situation, it needs to develop sophisticated, flexible, robust and adaptable software also called cyber defense system (CDS). This is enough intelligent system to detect a variety of threats, refine and update these technologies to combat it. Intrusion detection and system (IDS), Data Mining (DM) and Computational intelligence system (CIS) are artificial techniques (AI) techniques which provide detection and prevention of highly vulnerable threats and intrusions. This […]

A. dimana pesan tersebut disampaikan kepada khalayak atau

A. Definisi masing masing koteks komunikasi:1. Komunikasi IntrapersonalKomunikasi intrapersonal atau komunikasi dan diri dapat diartikan proses komunikasi oleh diri sendiri dengan diri sendiri pula. Diri manusia disusun oleh banyak segi yang dibutuhkna komunikasi intrapersonal untuk mengerti diri sendiri2. Komunikasi InterpersonalAdalah komunikasi yang dilakukan secara timbal balik dengan orang lain. Melibatkan dua orang yang saling menyampaikan pesan. 3. Komunikasi kelompokMenurut Steven A. Beebe dalam kuliah ilmu komunikasi. Komunikasi kelompok adalah proses komunikasi yang dilakukan sekelompok orang, yang didalamnya orang-orang tersebut memiliki tujuan yang sama, memiliki rasa memiliki terhadap kelompok tersebut, dan saling mempengaruhi satu sama lain maksudmya dalam komunikasi kelompok, orang-orang didalamnya […]

Importance designs give well-established methods to recoup frameworks

      Importanceof Disaster Recovery Plan in OrganizationsLokendraDeshaboina CampbellsvilleUniversity          1.     Introduction:ThisPaper focuses on disaster recovery planning and the steps we need to take to preparea successful disaster recovery plan.The main use of a disaster recovery plan is to get the company’s operations inefficient way after being in by a disaster. Disasterrecovery (DR) plan gives an organized way to deal with unforeseen occurrencesthat could possibly crash the whole IT foundation of an organization, which includesequipment, programming, systems, procedures, andhardware. Securing your organization’s assets in its infrastructure and their capacity todirect business are the key purposes of implementingan IT disaster recovery design. Companiescan’t bear to be non-operational […]

Sexual and desires for fear of seeming unappreciative

Sexual gratification is a key component of romantic relationships. It signifies a couple’s ability to communicate each other’s needs and please one another. Whether satisfaction is high or low, the possibility of improvement and novelty never ceases, but both partners need to be equally invested. When a couple forges intimacy and trust, their sexual activities become more nourishing and gratifying. Although most relationships develop naturally, they will be more sexually gratifying if self-acceptance, safety, and communication are present. Having doubts about one’s appearance hinders the ability to fully enjoy sex with or without another person. This is an issue many women […]

A the shareholders’ wealth as reflected by the

Acorporation is seen as a legal entity that has assets and liabilities as anindividual and can be directly sued aside from its ownership. Corporate financetherefore deals with legal financial matter of these corporations in a generalsense. However, it deal more specifically with financial investment and capitalinvestment decisions, maximize shareholder value, and working capitalinvestment decisions. There are twoparamount objectives of corporate finance –  i.            Profit Maximisationii.          Wealth Maximisation i.            Profit Maximisation –  Profit Maximisation is thecapability of the firm in producing maximum output with the limited input, orit uses minimum input for producing stated output. It is considered as one ofthe important goal in financial […]

Nursing with patient is important. As a nurse,

     Nursing iscaring for people and natural tendency to help people who are in need. Nursingis protecting of each individual against physical, psychological illness andpromoting people’s knowledge about health and disease and preventing of anyinjury or illness. Caringis the foundation that provides an infrastructure for nursing. Nursing is acombination of art and science. The art of nursing is usually considered as apart of care, which is not grounded in scientifically derived or theoreticalknowledge. It demonstrates the aspect of patient care that needs personal comprehensionand instinct that each nurse obtains through practice and experience. Nursingmeans when patients dealing with sickness and […]

Any and Built stages. First goal that EMP

Any Project needs to follow a lifecycle do differ across business and industries sectors. Project lifecycle will have a number of different project phases -Concept, Definition, Implementation, Design, Handover and finally Closeout.Major benefits of EMP system with six or less life-cycle phases – The Project lifecycle allows the projects manager to correlate the progress directly to individual phase and identify the closure of each phase. The definition phase contains the production of the project management strategy and every subsidiary strategy, like the risk management strategy, the quality plan and the implementation phase includes the construction of different components that includes […]

Motivation the influence of extrinsic and intrinsic rewards

    Motivationin Psychology SubmittedbyRidaArifSubmittedtoMissAyesha AzizPost-MidAssignment  Date:30th November, 2017     Considerable attention has been given to theidentification of key forms of reward and its connection to employee engagement.Wherefore this paper aims to uncover the influence of extrinsic and intrinsicrewards on employee engagement in workplace.Most of the literature proves that the encouragementand the appraisal or the reward system of the employees results in the higheremployee retention rates, productivity and job satisfaction. Yet a majority ofthe business world still relies on extrinsic motivation to encourage theiremployees to be productive.According to social science research, external rewardsare not the best motivators for white collar workers. Undoubtedly, employeeswant their basic needs […]

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