In the history of psychology, the introspective method

In the history of psychology, the introspective method has long dominated, starting from the idea that humans have direct access to their own presence and reality. By observing knowledge from the perspective of introspection, it can be implied that being aware of yourself can be conceived as an inner look, as an act of self-reflection. After centuries of self-knowledge being the apogee of philosophy, along with the methods of modern psychology, a scientific explanation of this path has surfaced. According to lines traced by Carl Rogers and Abraham Maslow, self-knowledge is an affective and cognitive process that develops with age […]

I medium school, so that my family can

I want to earn an MBA so that girls in a small town of Rajasthan can get highereducation in an English medium school, so that my family can know the real reasonfor my father’s first business failure, so that I get better at comprehension andapplication, and so that I can discuss ideas with the cre?me de la cre?me. Butimportantly, I want to enroll in an MBA program to think 5 years ahead of my timeand country. Indians set a right time for everything: a right age to complete education, start earningand even marry. Everyone has such a checklist. In my […]

Research of an innovation. Innovation cooperation, which measures

Researchand development (R&D) is a key driver of innovation that responds toeconomic incentives and public policies. The more cutting-edge knowledge isproduced, the more likely it is to spill over into new products and privateR&D activities. In this regard, patents provide a valuable measure of theexploitation of research results and of the inventiveness of countries, regionsand enterprises. Patenting has a strategic role in supporting the Europe 2020strategy. Introducing innovative ideas to the market through patenting helpsimprove the EU’s competitiveness and productivity, which underlie economicgrowth and employment, and brings long-term benefits to the economy at largethrough the wide diffusion of knowledge. Thus,it […]

Entrepreneurship a sustainable corporate world. According to the

Entrepreneurship is defined as the ability and the interestto manage, develop and organize a new profitable and rewarding business idea bya person called an entrepreneur whose skills features innovation, motivationand more essentially risk-taking due to the high risk of creating something newsuch as, starting a new business, designing and innovating product or offeringa new service.Over the years, there has been confusions on the differencesbetween entrepreneur and business owner. Entrepreneurship largely involvesputting up a business and assuming all risks. This characteristics makesentrepreneurs similar to business owners. But in addition, entrepreneurs aremore like innovators. JosephSchumpeter, one of the economist, wrote in his […]

The key to adapt as a seller when

The secondlens looks at learning from failure. I will be drawing on the concepts of learning and failure,reflecting on ways I have learned from failure during activities on the moduleand in my own life. There is a lot of literature on entrepreneurship, learningand failure. However, ‘many aspects of entrepreneurial learning remain poorlyunderstood’ (Cope, 2005). One piece of literature is Cope’s (2005) article which ‘maps outand extends current boundaries of thinking regarding how entrepreneurs learn. ‘ In his article, Cope (2005) mentions how ‘research in entrepreneurship has beendominated by the desire to define the entrepreneur through the identification of “entrepreneurial traits”.’ The […]

Having had us build a website of our

Having a strong predilection for mathematics from my elementary school days, I always thought of pursuing a career wherein I get to use and grow my logical skills. And what’s more fitting than the field of Computers. With that notion in mind, I enrolled into a Web Design & Development workshop, introduced by my friend, being held in our city. It taught me the fundamentals of web, mainly HTML/CSS and by the end of the workshop the instructor had us build a website of our own and have it hosted on a free server. Fascinated by the power and reach […]

Studies and organizations are more willing to engage

Studies giving some evidence about the relationship between national cultural values factors and social entrepreneurship, have mostly applied WVS or/and GLOBE as cultural framework in their model (Hechavarría, 2016; Hoogendoorn, 2016; Pathak & Muralidharan, 2016; Stephan et al. , 2015), only one study of Harms and Groen (2017) has used Hofstede’s cultural dimensions, however, this study has not found any direct impact of these aspects on social entrepreneurship. Thus, this study utilizes four basic cultural values from Hofstede’s framework to examine the indirect effect of national cultural values on social entrepreneurship. The research will not include the fifth and the […]

TAKEAWAYSThe and into its actual program organization. Congress

TAKEAWAYSThe shift from light water reactors developed by the federal government and built by large utilities to the many new advanced reactor technologies developed by start-ups and universities requires a new business model. At the end of last year, the Office of Nuclear Energy (NE) reorganized its management structure in recognition of the shifting needs of America’s nuclear industry. This reorganization was a step in the right direction, but to fully capitalize on all of the clean energy, economic, and security advantages of advanced nuclear, this reorganization must extend beyond NE’s management and into its actual program organization.  Congress is in the […]

(With in today’s worldwide economy, human capital need

 (With special reference to DSI company)    DissertationProposalV.M.WarkusMF/2013/3564      Departmentof Management and EntrepreneurshipFacultyof Management and FinanceUniversityof Ruhuna   Contents 1     Introduction/Research Background. 3 1.1      Research Problem.. 5 1.2      Research Questions. 6 1.2.1       General question. 6 1.2.2       Specific question. 6 1.3      Research objectives. 6 1.3. 1       General objective. 6 1.3.2       Specific objective. 6 1.4      Significance of the study. 7 2     Related Literature. 8 2.1      Introduction. 8 2. 2      Definition of the study. 8 2.2.1       Employee retention. 8 2.2.2       Reward. 8 2.3      Theories on study variables. 9 2.4      Prior research on study variables. 10 3     Methodology. 11 4     Conceptual framework. 11 5     Hypothesis development 12 6     Limitations […]

Introduction law of semi globalization, which deals with

Introduction – What is BrexitBrexit consists of the two words”Britain” and “exit” making it Brexit following the vote toleave the EU. The term has been widely used ever since the idea of a referendumwas put forward. More than 30million people voted in the June 2016 referendumwith a turnout of 71.8 per cent. Leave won by 52 per cent to 48 per cent. Brexit is a monumental eventthat will face serious consequences, raising provocation while creatinginternational business and entrepreneurship opportunities for companies aroundthe globe. This effect is likely to be felt acutely by North America which hashistorically has maintained strong political, cultural […]

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