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The primary purpose of this research paper is to inform the reader about marine ecosystems and its importance on why they need to stay conserved. Marine ecosystems are one of the largest ecosystems, taking into account that water makes up about seventy percent of earth surface. It’s considered a significant ecosystem, since it has the ability to support both animal and plant life. Marine ecosystem have so much diversity upon them that it is necessary to keep it out of harm in order to preserve aquatic life. This ecosystem should be valued more and stop getting damaged before it’s too […]

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UMSTMaster of Science in Information SystemsBatch(03)Information System Quality ManagementDocument subtitlePrepared by:Israa Abdulla Moh AbdullaMIS03-2017-003UNIVERSITYiUMSTUNIVERSITY UNIVERSITY UNIVERSITYMaster of Science in Information Systems Master of Science in Information Systems Master of Science in Information Systems Master of Science in Information Systems Master of Science in Information Systems Master of Science in Information Systems Master of Science in Information Systems Master of Science in Information SystemsBatch(03) Batch(03) Batch(03)Information System Quality Management Information System Quality Management Information System Quality Management Information System Quality Management Information System Quality Management Information System Quality Management Information System Quality Management Information System Quality Management Information System Quality Management […]

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  ?ccording to B?rik ?nd P?tr? (2014) in their p?per entitled on “Emerging Trends in Insur?nce- ? Study in Indi?n Life Insur?nce Industry” find new trends such ?s hybrid distribution ch?nnel, regul?tory trend, difficulty in designing m?rketing mix, online policy, cl?im m?n?gement, customer servicing ?nd FDI ?nd growth. ?ccording to Sh?hi, Pr?rth?n? (2013) in her p?per on “Recent Trends in the M?rketing Str?tegies of LIC of Indi?” reve?ls th?t the contribution of LIC to tot?l industry in terms of life insur?nce offices h?s dipped down from 99.41 percent in the ye?r 2001 to 30.94 percent in the ye?r 2012. She further […]

References1. machines in the cell formation problem of

References1. Mitrofanov SP. Scientific principles of group technology. Boston Spa (Yorks.): National Lending Library for Science and Technology 1966.2. Burbidge JL. The introduction of group technology. New York, Wiley 1975.3. Hyer NC and Wemmerlov U. Group technology in the US manufacturing industry: A survey of current practices. International Journal of Production Research 1989; 27: 1287-1304.4. Wemmerlov U and Hyer NL. Research issues in cellular manufacturing. International Journal of Production Research 1987; 25: 413-431.5. Wemmerlov U and Johnson DJ. Cellular manufacturing at 46 user plants: Implementation experiences and performance improvements. International Journal of Production Research 1997; 35:  29-49. 6. Logendran R. Effect […]

Globalization new thing in the universe right now,

Globalization is generally a process in which interactions as well as integration of human beings is being, governments as well as companies coming together with the same interest of either international investments or trade this being made possible by Information Technology. This being a major form interaction between nations, it has significant effects on political systems, environment, on culture even in economic and social development and prosperity. Globalization is not a new thing in the universe right now, even though for hundreds and thousands of years ago, people and societies used to trade and very recent corporations came in and […]

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The resource curse is a paradoxical situation in which countries that have stagnant economic growth or even economic decline i have an abundance of natural resources that once extracted could create enough wealth for sustained development. The resource curse can be said to occur once a state concentrates its main focus and investments on a singlular industry, which therefore leads to other major sectors being neglected (Manaldo,Victor).This essay will discuss the validity of this statement and whether or not countries in the global south can overcome the negative connotations of the resource curse, to economically develop to a standard comparable […]

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In December, 1978 in the conditions of the political instability caused, first, by Mao Zedong’s death in 1976, and secondly, continuing several years stagnation in economy, the Chinese leaders led by Deng Xiaoping announced the beginning of implementation of the program of economic reforms. Possibly, we never learn for certain whether Deng Xiaoping from the very beginning a confidential “conductor of capitalism” (as Mao Zedong in the years of the cultural revolution claimed) was, or reforms just became the step necessary for ensuring economic security of China and increase in its prestige in the conditions of rapid development of capitalism […]

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Over the years, outsourcing has been employed by business managers in various industries across the world, with the intention to have the edge in this ever-changing business environment. By its very definition, outsourcing is the business practice when the firm partly transfers its own tasks or processes to an outside source to improve business efficiency. Machogu, Wanjala, Otieno and Kibe (2017), in their work indicated that firms may capitalize on outsourcing to reduce cost and become more competent in their core business, which has been now considered a strategic human resource approach in such competitive business world. There is evidence […]

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Samsung Mobile PESTLE Analysis     Executive Summary   This report will identify the six key environmental drivers that currently have an affect on Samsung Mobile, and will analyse Samsung Mobile’s responses to them.                                                                                         Introduction   Introduction to Samsung Mobile     Samsung Mobile is the mobile division of Samsung Electronics, a multinational electronics company headquartered […]

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How A Changing Economy Impacts the Country Without the wanting of capitalistic change, this country would never be America. Instead, Native Americans would be migrating in teepees while buffalo and wild horses roam the grounds in place of cars. Without change, the youth of today would have no aspiration to get a degree, proper education, and life fulfilling job, because they would still be put in factories and sweatshops with despicable conditions. Without change, women, African Americans, and children would not have the human rights they have today, because they fought, shedding blood sweat and tears to receive them. The […]

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