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The article goes over the concept of servant leadership introduced by Robert K. Greenleaf in 1970.  The style has been adopted by many leaders over the years to help them achieve success within their organizations.  Leaders must possess the ability to influence groups toward the goals of the organization.  The skills, behavior, and attitude of the leader will help determine how successful they will be in managing their organization and the people who depend on them. The paper goes over five very important attitudes that an individual need to adopt it if they want to be an effective servant leader.The […]

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If one chooses to oblige herself/himself to go through the evolution of the Management or the Leadership theory, one may not end-up either with a textbook definition or a proper explanation of the concept of “Social leadership”. Correspondingly, the concept of Social Leadership hasn’t been subject to noteworthy exploration, debate, and inculcation  in the communal and organizational culture. And, a potential for the development of Social Leadership into a definite and credible theory has yet to be recognized in the world of academia.But, regardless of lack of proper history associated with this “jargon”, we can understand the model of Social […]

book review on any leadership book

Leadership: Theory, Application, Skill Development Name: Lecturer: Institution: Course: Date: Leadership: Theory, Application, Skill Development Leadership: Theory, application, skill development is one of the fundamental practical leadership books for leaders who may want to achieve success in leadership. I chose this book for review because it uses unique approaches such as leadership theories, application as well as skills development. This book is vital not only for present leaders but also for leaders of tomorrow because it provides vital concepts for successful leaders. Moreover, it combines traditional theories with the leadership topics, which are presented in a concise manner. This textbook […]

Annotated Bibliography

Annotated Bibliography Name: Institution: Lecturer: Course: Date: Annotated Bibliography Collison, J. R. (2005). Reconstituting superman: Identifying ideal leadership styles in a financial services context. University of Pennsylvania). According to Collison, leadership research is mainly conducted in academic fronts, focusing on analyses in the micro level, attempting to distinguish efficient leadership into component segments. He stated that issues concerning individual preference on professional integrated contexts on holistic leadership styles have rare emphasis. To investigate this issue, Collison worked with professionals from large financial service firms across hierarchical levels. He interviewed senior leaders to understand their leadership style perceptions. In his findings, […]

Leadership Style

ABSTRACT Leadership is defined as a process by which a person influences others to accomplish an objective and directs the organization in a way that makes it more cohesive and coherent. The role of leadership in an organization is determined by the culture of the company and based on the manager’s beliefs, values and assumptions will have major influence over their decisions. A good leader sees the best in people and figures out what it takes to motivates the individuals. A manager is judged as either good, or bad leader based on the decisions they make, the results and how […]

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“If the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail.”  This quote from Abraham Maslow seems to be the only sentence necessary to summarize John Maxwell’s Hammer Principle.  When dealing with situations or conflict, some people tend to overreact or jump to conclusions when dealing with difficult situations or conflict; this reactionary interaction with people is called the hammer principle.   The problem with this problem solving “solution” is that in the long run it can damage relationships in the workplace, or even in our personal lives, whether intentional or not.  Maxwell […]

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Leadership is defined as the ability toinfluence employees to voluntarily pursue    organisationalgoals. Leadership is important in any organization because leaders play   the role of managing employees to work andmaximise efficiency to achieve goals set            outby the organization. Leader represent their organization, integrate personalgoals           to organization goals and providesguidance to their people.             Theleadership styles that are to be use in our organization to lead the employees            includes the Democratic Leadershipstyle and Charismatic Leadership style.      DemocraticLeadership is the management style where the organization employees        and the top management take a morereactive participation in providing ideas […]

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My overall study presents material attained from datato answer the study questions and the outcomes of the research.The current study is a determination to survey the similarity between managers'(self) and their followers’ thinking about their leadership styles and performance.The persistence of this research is to examine leadership and organizationalcommitment in Meezan bank. There are two main focuses in this study as follows:  1. Examining employee perceptions of head ofbranches’ leadership behavior. 2.Which adoptto managers perceived leadership style commitment to the organization.The observations of head of branches’ leadershipbehavior and employee’s observations of commitment to the bank. In the case of employees’perceptions of actual […]

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My main objective is to gain a greater understanding of leadership styles and to understand their impact on organizations and individuals. I aim to get a new perspective on some of the main challenges I face, as I do believe that we are programmed to think and use our pre-saved experience to face our challenges in the same way over and over again. Meeting new professional people, being exposed to new ideas, different perspectives, multi-style leaders and having access to professional materials and a new network will positively stimulate my thinking and develop my leadership style in innovative and creative […]

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