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A lovely college-going girl, (dressed in a casual t shirt and jeans) is walking hand-in-hand with her tall boyfriend in amall. She is saying, ” My dear, Our love is going to be two years old in three days! Feels like yesterday,..haha.. Can’t believe it’s almost been two years already!” And just then when she looks at him, she catches him not listening to her, but looking at anothergirl! She gets angry and upset, and immediately withdraws her hand swiftly and walks into a café. Sits at a table. Her boyfriend sees her going away and instantly realizes what went wrong! He quickly follows her and pulls a chair and sits at her table, facing her. He starts convincing […]

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Understand how marketing environments are affecting the business. Marketing environments are the factors and forces that influence a company’s capability to have a successful business with the target customers. McDonald’s Company can be affected by some marketing environments in the businesses such as technological, competitive, economic, global and sociocultural factors. i)                   Technological Factors Technological innovations are influencing each aspect of the social and business environment whether in marketing, promoting, sales or service for clients can boost the product’s performance. Therefore, McDonald’s concern and assure the suitable use of technology for accomplish the organisational goals and competitive advantage (Baldwin,2013 n.p.). Technology […]

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Apparently, businesses that thrive today are the ones that figure the benefits of internet marketing. They understand the necessity of unitizing internet marketing when it comes to enhancing marketing campaign’ reach, client base, lead generations and conversion rates. Now that the attention of entire world is focused around the web, internet marketing has rapidly developed its significance more than ever.If you are amongst the businessmen who think internet marketing is not a big thing, you better think again. Internet marketing is the medium that can help expand businesses and procure great profits. Without further ado, below are the benefits of […]

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Why You Need To Select the Best Cheap Web Hosting Company to Propel Business Growth The task of selecting the best web hosting company can prove daunting to many task owners especially when they are new in the world of marketing. When you are new in the web hosting market, you might lack knowledge about the hosting market as much as you might not identify the hosting that suits your business. When you make a wrong choice when determining a web hosting company, it will be a costly mistake which might see you spend a lot of cash. When you need to […]


STRAWBERRY:Strawberry is a non-climacteric fruit that usually takes up to 30 days toachieve full size and maturity. This time is highly dependent on light,temperature, soil composition, and other conditions of cultivation. Strawberries areno exception to this rule; in addition to antioxidants, they have many othernutrients, vitamins, and minerals that contribute to overall health. Theseinclude folate, potassium, manganese, dietary fibre, and magnesium. It is alsoextremely high in vitamin C. Kingdom: Plantae (unranked): Angiosperms Order: Rosales Family: Rosaceae Subfamily: Rosoideae Genus: Fragaria Species: ananassa  Thegarden strawberry was first bred inBrittany, France, in the 1750s via a cross of Fragaria virginiana from eastern North […]

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 “At some point of time, the rateof sales growth will slow down, and the product will come into a stage of respectivematurity. As compared to the previous stages, this stage proceeds longer and causeslot of challenges. Most products are in the maturity stage of the life cycle,and most marketing managers cope with the problem of marketing the matureproduct.Three strategies for the maturitystage are market modification, product modification, and marketing-mixmodification. Ø “Market Modification: – The market for themature brand/product can be increased by increasing the number of users of brand.This can be done by (1) transforming nonusers; (2) coming into new marketsegments […]

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1.      Sometimes, when the consumer does not know how to behave, they copyother people who act as a source of information for them. When consumersare not sure of their own ability to know what to do, they will look to othersto tell them. This is the Informational influence.  However, when peopleaspire to be like some groups or individuals to help them enhance theirself-identity/concept, it’s called Utilitarian influence. It is the complianceof the consumer with perceived expectations of others. Whereas ways in which aconsumer incorporates a group’s values and joins groups in order to express hisor her own closely held values and […]

An emotional content. A fear appeal in advertising

Anappeal is the reason to which an advertisement is directed and the purpose isto move the audience toward a goal set by the advertiser. However, the use of fear appeals in advertising is notwell accepted and can give bad views, unexpected results or have unintendednegative effects on people. Moreover, types of marketing communicationssuch as the marketing of products, services and social causes. Mostly, fearappeals commonly used in these type of marketing communications. That is,advertisers invoke fear by identifying the negative results of not using theproduct or the negative results of engaging in unsafe behaviour.  However, fear appeals are effective inincreasing ad interest, involvement, recall, and persuasiveness.  Fear appeals […]

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L’acceptabilité de la part des clients : Dansl’ère du savoir-faire, les informations disponibles en ligne sont largementacceptées par les clients par rapport aux informations physiquementdisponibles. Donc, pour le client l’espace virtuel lui convient parfaitementparce qu’il est riche des informations recherchées qui sont simplementaccessibles par les utilisateurs. L’utilisationde contenu numérique sponsorisé ou gratuit vous permet de communiquer avec lesconsommateurs beaucoup plus efficacement que les panneaux d’affichage, lepublipostage ou les campagnes de relations publiques. La force de votreprésence en ligne désormais directement liée au succès de votre entreprise.Un public plus large : Lacouverture du marketing digital est beaucoup plus que celle des médiasphysiques car […]

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On one hand digital marketing has prioritized to have consumers connect with companies as they reach their target markets. The companies have built strategies on how they can be sustainable (regarding millennials) in its operations while on the other hand, they have discovered that millennials are the driving force behind user generated content which has turned to be a big influence on purchase decisions, engagement with companies on advertising their products online and mostly online shopping. Companies are targeting millennial generation as they are the largest market for their products and services to be purchased and consumed. With the increase […]

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