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Buying a plane ticket can be a
hassle, with all of the different airlines, travel sites, reviews and comparison
pages that all promise the best and the cheapest prices. No matter what you use
or how you do it, here are 10 tips to follow when you’re looking to book a
ticket to your next exciting destination.


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1.     Clear your web
browsers cookies for the best prices.

If you’ve ever gone online to book a flight, compare prices, search for the cheapest ticket
or a searched for a good budget airline you
may have noticed that the site you used remembered your searches and offered
you similar ones. This is done by utilizing cookies which track and remember
your movements and actions on a website. Online Sites for Airlines, travel agents, as well as online travel agency’s like Travelocity and and other websites that allow you to compare
prices to find the best deals may raise
their prices on flight destinations and tickets
that you checked previously. To find fairer prices clear your web browsers
cookies and history and as an added measure use your browsers incognito mode so
that the site doesn’t remember you.


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2.     Use a VPN to fake
your IP address location.

If you really want to get the best deals at the cheapest
prices and book the best flight time then
as an added measure change your computers IP address with a VPN. This is a
program that disguises the location you are browsing from and changes it to
somewhere else. As far as the websites you visit are concerned you are in
another country entirely. Why do this you may ask? These travel sites and online travel
agencies offer a variety of pricing depending on the demographic using
their services, as such air fares are often
cheaper in poorer countries that have smaller economies and lower standards of


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3.     Search like you’re
going solo even if you’re planning for a group

With so many budget airlines and travel sites advertising
deals and constantly offering the cheapest prices
it may seem like the golden age of travel. However many of these sites will raise
their prices if you search for multiple seats on the same flight. To stop this
split your searches up and start with finding a flight for one individual.


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4.     Get looking and get
booking early but not too early

If you are booking a U.S. ticket you
should start looking about 30 days to 4 months in advance; the sweet spot is
around 47 days.  Unfortunately people who
book as far back as 6 months’ were found to pay 19% more in air fare rates.  For international tickets however you should
start looking about 6 months in advance. 



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5.     Book flights on
less popular days at less popular times

When you avoid the most popular
flight days like Friday and Sunday and travel of off days like Tuesday,
Wednesday and Saturday between the hours of 5:00am and 7:00am or after the
hours of 8:00pm you can travel on a less crowded flight. Traveling on these
days may also mean getting a cheap airline ticket because
Airlines would rather drop prices to fill the seats than leave with an empty


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6.     Try a lesser known

When it comes to airline travel,
most passengers go for buying tickets and looking for cheap prices on large
airlines Like Virgin or American Airlines. Those airlines however have less
incentive to offer you the best deals for cheap tickets.
Try a smaller airline like WOW Air or XL Airways to find great prices.


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7.     Remove pre-selected

When choosing your flight
particulars like flight destination, section on
the plane, time of departure etc. many sites have certain items pre checked. If
you aren’t careful you could end up purchasing and paying for things you don’t
want or need. So read each section carefully and be on the lookout for these


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8.     Avoid booking fees.

Online travel sites, site that allow
you to compare prices and Airline sites for the
most part all build booking fees into their costs or show you them as you
select your options. These fees can add up depending on where you’re going and
how often you fly. One way to try to avoid these fees is to use methods of
payment like Paypal, direct deposit or a bank transfer.


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9.     Take the early

Rising with the sun may not seem
like the most fun way to start your day but an early flight proves to be the best flight time with
the most options. Early flights tend to be less booked which means they are
less crowded and take less time to get on and off the plane making for a
quicker trip overall. If the flight gets cancelled you can be on another flight
in no time and if the flight is oversold you can give up your space for a later
flight and take advantage of some airline incentives like VIP lounge access,
flight upgrades, cash or vouchers.


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Book a flight with a layover that’s actually your end

Often referred to as hidden city
ticketing, how it works is that you find a cheap flight with a layover that is
actually your destination. Instead of continuing on your flight from say New
York to Atlanta, you get off at the lay off point of say Chicago which is your
actual destination. Be warned though that airlines aren’t usually the biggest
fans of this move. You should also be sure to only pack carryon luggage as
anything you check will continue to the final destination.



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