(C2 2.3) Discuss barrier to accessing health and socialcare services and how they may be overcome.

A minimum of 3 barriers toaccessing health and social care services must be discussed.Here are the barriers that prevent anindividual from accessing to Health and Social Care and early year’s services. It’s maybe because the individuals are aren’t aware of the servicesavailable. Individuals may face more than on barrier when accessingservices.Time: When an individual confirms anappointment for their serious illness they get applied with a late last minuteappointment which causes the individual’s illness gradually gets worse as theywait for the appointment comes nearer to the time.Finical Barrier: This to do with the cost to access a type of service.

If the Health andSocial Care advice the individual and is still finding it difficult to access andstill afford the transport costs to get there. If a patient has to pay formedical prescriptions or medication and cannot afford it so the individuals willnot get the medicine they need to get better. Cultural Values and Belief: If the information services is written in English only then those with adifferent first language will not be able to understand or read about theservice .

If the information is written using a specific language the individualmay not be able to read it or understand it. This will cause the individual to becomeanxious or troubled about the service which is why it’s essential that anyinformation should be written in all languages so that the individuals canunderstand. Language and Communication barrier: if there is an individual who doesn’t understand what thepractitioner is saying, due to their language.

If it’s necessary the informationshould be created inaccessible to individuals who speak different languages, forexample providing leaflets, posters or signs in their language only. If the individualswill like to communicate in their own way should be respected.  Location Barrier:  ·        Lackof Resources: Occasionally some services and medication andfacilities for individual’s needs and preferences aren’t always currently availabledue to the staff shortages and the lack of money needed for the services. It isdue to happen when there is a high demand for medication and vaccinations dueto a disease which isn’t available for all individuals who need it the most. Sothis will make individuals wait even longer until sufficient vaccine has beenmade and produced.                                                         


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