Canada has become a first world country because of its past and defines us as Canadians. Three events that have changed and formed Canada to what it is today are The Winnipeg General Strike, women’s contributions during World War II and the women’s right movement. The Winnipeg General Strike was a protest that occurred because people were not being paid enough considering they just came back for serving their country and risking their lives.

The women’s contributions during World War II. This was a new step in history for women, they were finally doing “male oriented” jobs by working in factories, supply’s and possibly even donating to the war effort. These actions helped Canada greatly during the war. The women’s movement, it was a protest for equal rights for women, they thought it was time for people to finally see women as a person and able of doing things just as men can, they also wanted to end the violence against them and be allowed to get an abortion due to health problems that occur. So five courageous women took the case to court and were rejected at first but then took it to a higher court and won their case.  These moments define Canadian history because everyone wanted equal rights and a change to occur in their community.

The change everyone wanted was for the better for their economy. All three of these events decided to make these changes by protesting or striking for something to happen. Such as the Winnipeg general strike they wanted their minimum wage to change because they felt under paid, they got it changed by taking action to their situation.  This was a defining moment because the all won their battles for the greater good for the people in their community and not only that but everyone else that was involved in the situation.

 The Winnipeg General Strike occurred because they felt they deserved more income at work when they came back from war. People felt this way because they thought they deserved more because they risked their lives for their country and they were disappointed to find out they were being underpaid since they’ve done so much. They took action May 15th, almost all employees went on strike and spread into the streets, and side roads there was about 30,000 people that contributed to the protesting (Canadian Encyclopedia 2015). During this time many casualties occurred, many left injured, some of the head leaders of the protest were even thrown in jail. The protesting ended June 26 in the same year of 1919. Unfortunately nothing changed for the first decade it was only till the second decade were people were finally being paid the mount they felt they deserved and secured union recognition and collective bargaining rights was recognized in Canada. Even if they did not win right away it was a huge moment in defining Canada because it was such a big movement for the people in Winnipeg it shapes our country into a better economy.

 Women’s contributions during World War II. women were at factories, sewed, and tended to the sick and wounded, to supply the war effort In the Army, women showed their skills for training, having the responsibility and leadership  they mainly  took on male orientated jobs they even the women also contributed to the war effort by giving blood and buying war bonds. But before they were stay at home moms, they only cook and cleaned the household while men went out to work being the breadwinner. In the beginning 50,000 Canadian women volunteered in the air force, navy, and army (Canadian Encyclopedia, 2015). But as time went on, in 1943 around 261,000 women were involved in the manufacturing of war goods while men went to battle. This is a defining moment in history because were women really starting to be allowed to be doing things as men and it defines Canada because it shows it does not matter what gender you are you can do anything you want in our country.

       The Women’s Right Movement, It started out with five women Emily Murphy, Nellie McClung, Henrietta Muir Edwards, Louise McKinney, and Irene Parlby, these women made a huge difference in our society nowadays. It started off with just having tea but in time they would begin to talk about politics over a cup of tea. They kept this as a secret meeting and to disguise it they called it “pink tea” (The Famou5 2017)  so people would not find out about their discussions. When they decided it was time to finally take action they gathered up just over 50 signatures on a sheet of paper and sent their case to the Supreme Court, when these women took this to the Supreme Court the judge rejected their person’s case and sent them away. Instead of being fed up and quit they decided they will not give up but to instead send it to the highest court possible, at the time it was Privy Council of Britain, when the five women took the case to court the judge approves.

The five brave women finally won the person’s case. The person’s case was morally about being treated equally in the community. This was a huge moment in Canadian history because it changed the lives of many Canadian women giving them the chance to be who also whatever they want to be in life women even have the right to vote and choose what schools they’d like to attend at. Women have there right nowadays because of this movement which is why it is such a defining moment in Canadian history.

These moments show that everyone wanted something to change or have equal rights weather it was their wages or their right to do whatever they want to doe. They all strived for their rights to make a difference in not just their lives but their peers around them and this strive made these moment such a defining moment for canada That is why these three moments are so so important to Canadian history, The Winnipeg General Strike was a protest for a better pay raise or a change. The Women’s contributions during World War II women had the chance to work male orientated jobs and to really help the war effort. Lastly, The Women’s Right Movement, five brave women made a huge difference in history they changed the way people viewed women, so that now people believe women can still do just as good as men can, that is why these three moments are defining moments for canada


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