Carrots lack of clarity whether carrots are good

Carrots are a root veggie consumed widely around the globe.
But, generally, there is a lack of clarity whether carrots are good for dogs.
Loaded with essential vitamins and minerals, carrots make an essential
ingredient for your pet. 


So, what’s special about carrots?     

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Here are some of the benefits that your dog can attain.

1. Bowel Regulator

Diarrhoea and constipation are two most important symptoms
of bad bowel health. These are the symptoms that are seen in human beings which
can cause serious discomfort and pain. Our pets also sometimes attain these bad
bowel movements.

Carrots, either in raw form or cooked, which are rich in insoluble
fibre, are one of the vital veggie which help your pets attain better bowel
health. It is important to make sure that your dog consumes the right amount of
these fibres and also supplemented by a lots of water intake to help regularise
the bowel and not get prone to any gastro-intestine problem. It is always wise
to consult your vet about the quantity of the fibre intake of your dog.       

2. Dental Care

Dog’s dental care is one of most important aspect that has
to be looked into. Dog’s teeth, like humans, are prone to plague formation
which causes tooth decay and bad odour.

As a pet owner, from the pet’s young age, they develop a
habit of brushing which helps in fighting plague. As pet owner, if you have not
have developed this habit or if your dog is not cooperative, certain chews can
be added to your pets diet as part of your pet’s food routine or a treat.

Crunchy raw or lightly steamed carrots can be supplemented
as a chew for your dog. Adding carrots as part of your dog’s regular diet will
prevent the development of plague on your dog’s teeth and minimise bad

3. Low Fat and Calorie

Fats and high calorie intake are the main reasons of
overweight in animals. This will make your pet weak and lazy and also
vulnerable to various diseases. So, as a pet owner, it is important to make
sure your dog consume right amount fat and low calorie value diet.

Carrots are the vital food which is low in fat and calorie
value which help your dog in maintaining right weight and also prevent him from
catching any diseases, thereby keeping him strong and active.

In case, if your dog is already overweight and lazy, adding
carrots in your dog’s regular diet with help of your vet’s consultation will
help him in shedding excess weight and thereby making him strong and active.

4. Beta-Carotene

Beta-carotene is a carotenoid that produces anti–oxidants which
protects body from free radicals. It is a pre-cursor of vitamin A.
Beta-carotene rich foods, when consumed, is converted in vitamin A by the body.

Carrots, one of the beta-carotene rich foods, when added as
a supplement to your dog’s regular diet as per your vet’s prescription, will
help your dog in maintaining healthy skin and good immune system. It will also
help your dog achieve good eye sight also prevent degeneration of eye vision especially
at older ages.

5. Vitamin A

Vitamin A acts as a powerful antioxidant and helps your dog
in maintaining strong eye vision, proper neurological functions and healthier
skin coat. 

Generally, Vitamin A is available in all pet food products.
But, for the pet lovers who want wants to feed your pet home-cooked food,
Vitamin A has to be one of your vital supplements for your pet and the carrots
acts as a finest supplement for your lovable pet.

6. Reduce Heart Disease

Dogs, like human beings, are prone to various heart diseases
which could occur due to high cholesterol level. Carrots which contain soluble
fibre will help dissipate the cholesterol from the heart, thus reducing the
risk of any heart disease and keeping your dog active and healthy.   

7. De-Worming

Dogs which are naturally playful and could often end up
roaming around muddy area which will enable the dog to catch any intestinal
disorder in form of diarrhoea. This could be the result of the formation
intestinal worms which can cause terrible pain and discomfort to your dog.

Carrots which contain natural oil which is volatile in
nature can act as a natural intestinal de-wormer. Carrots, with proper intake
amount, will help in removing these intestinal worms through your dog’s stools

8. Blood Purifier

Blood purifications and maintaining optimal blood sugar
level is very important to keep your dog in good health. Carrots which comprise
vital alkaline elements can able to re-energize your dog’s blood thus
maintaining proper function of all vital organs and also achieve in keeping
optimal blood sugar levels.

9. Healthy Bones

Carrots, a vital source of calcium and essential vitamins
like vitamin K, will help in keeping the bones of your dog strong. Carrots, as
part of regular diet, will enable both in growth and development of bones in
puppies and also prevent bone distortion in old age dogs.    


We have seen some of the benefits the carrots can provide
for your dogs. At the same time it is also important to know the best way to
feed this veggie to your dogs.


Raw or cooked carrots, both, are healthy ways to feed your
dogs. When your dog consumes the carrot as part of your diet you can see the
carrots visible in your dog’s stool. Don’t panic, It’s completely normal
because dogs are not capable of assimilating the carrots in their digestive
system. Carrots, when consumed, the digestive system extracts all the necessary
nutrients available in the carrot and dissipates the remaining through stool.   

You can also feed the carrots by juicing them. Carrot juice
is rich in vitamin A but remember, fibre content in carrots is lost through
juicing. So, it is important to add carrot pulp to the juice so that you dog do
not miss out the essential fibre content in the diet.

Another way of feeding carrot to your dog is by freezing. By
freezing the carrot, you can provide it as a dog treat which can also prevent
in teething problems.



Look out for

While feeding your dog with carrots, it is important to look out for the
size of the carrot pieces. There could be a high possibility of choking
especially in smaller dogs. It is also important (if possible consult your vet)
to determine right quantity of carrot that has to be fed to your dog per day.
Over feeding of the carrots could result in som