Case Study about Bounce Fitness




Case Study about Bounce Fitness


Bounce fitness is a training institution faced with several problems. Firstly, bounce institution records client information by hand. Such information includes client weight, height, Body Mass Index, client training programs and client development. It is the duty of the individual trainer to record the client’s information in spreadsheets. The process of recording client information is hectic since trainers sometimes have to leave their classes to attend to the needs of new clients. This creates a backlog of duties since trainers are compelled to rush through classes or to forfeit one of the two activities. Clients who are not assisted end up complaining about the poor service of the training facility. Due to the overworking of trainers, they are sometimes unable to record customer information. This information is therefore sometimes lost or misplaced. This also makes time unavailable for addressing emerging concerns and limits the time available for meetings with clients. There was therefore a need for the development of a more effective and efficient method for recording client information.

1.1 Monitoring and Evaluation strategies

All projects require effective monitoring and evaluation strategies for proper management and decision-making. A successful M & E system should be able to uphold compliance, support implementation of proposals and assist in performance evaluation. To monitor and evaluate the situation at bounce fitness and training, the following measures were adopted. The first strategy is to ensure that there is enough information to establish a firm decision on the best recording system. The second strategy will ensure that the system that we eventually come up with is easy to use and provides for effective storage of customer information. There shall also be a progress report on the functioning of the system. This progress report will enable the system to maintain its efficiency. The speed of the recording procedure should be increased. There should be a record book where clients key in their information without the assistance of the trainer. This information will be later fed into the spreadsheet by the trainer when he/she gets time. Another improvement that should be done to the present system shall be the appointment of someone to handle the recording of client data other than the trainers. This will enable trainers to concentrate on their responsibilities without interference. After the upgrading of the new recording system its progress and performance should be monitored to ensure, it is working in line with the original goals. It should also ensure that there is real time access to client data whenever it is needed.

1.2 Current Operational strategies

Operational strategies are the techniques that organizations apply in order to achieve their main objectives. This refers to the methods that bounce fitness applies to meet their day-to-day goals (Slack et al 2004). One of these strategies is the requirement that customer data be recorded. This enables the trainer to address customer needs. Another strategy is the interview a trainer performs on new clients this is supposed to enhance the trainers understanding of the expectations of the client. The current operation system is quite slow and tedious. Trainers leave their training classes to attend to new clients and record their personal data. This also causes the unnecessary delaying of clients who might be forced to wait for the trainer for a long time. 1.3 Fostering creativity and organizational learning

Many organizations are faced with productivity problems because members of staff often seek their personal gratification rather than meeting the goals of the company. Creativity and innovation are necessary for an organization to succeed in a competitive environment. Bouncing fitness must therefore create an environment that fosters both creativity and organizational learning. As Linda Naiman fairly put it, “…creativity requires the right environment if it to flourish in an organization (Naiman 2010). To enhance creativity in bouncing fitness, the workforce must be motivated and empowered. When the trainers are empowered, they will respond speedily to the needs of clients and remain satisfied and committed. To foster creativity at bouncing fitness, the efforts of the staff (trainers) should be focused on delivering quality service to clients.

1.4 Measuring Tools

The measurement of the performance of organizational structures is important and assists the organization to review its objectives (Lively). The measures that will be taken into consideration include whether the new system has reduced or eliminated cases of over-scheduling. Another performance measure will concern whether the clients are attended to on time. Thirdly, the measures must focus on whether customer information is stored in a manner in which it can be easily retrieved and lastly whether the customer is satisfied with the service they received. The assessment tools that will be used to evaluate these measures include interviewing clients to find out about their experience.

1.5 Suggested Improvements by the Group

The group suggested that improvements be made on the relationship between trainers and management to enhance communication and interaction. Such an improvement will enable the management to identify trainer’s grievances and act accordingly to their demands. Another consideration that will improve the services of bouncing fitness is the appointment of a different worker to handle client records in order to eliminate the over-scheduling challenges the company is facing.

1.6 Emerging Trends

One outstanding revelation was the importance of using technology to improve customer service and record keeping. This is a new concept being adopted by fitness institutions worldwide. Technology allows personalization of customer service and enables constant interaction between organizations and clients (Constantelou 2002). Bounce fitness should therefore acquire software such as “Gym Master” which assists in the management of customer records (Copley). These software in collaboration with internet technology ease the recording of information since clients can post the information online allowing the trainer to make follow-ups only.

1.7 Consulting external experts

It will be important for bouncing fitness to consult external experts at the implementation and rolling out stage of the recording system. At this stage, the organization will need experts on the use of management information systems and their configurations. Such experts will assist bouncing fitness in configuring the system according to their information and customer needs.

Conclusion and Recommendations

Bounce fitness needs a system that can address the problems of data recording, work scheduling and customer and trainer dissatisfaction. There is a need for a system that will necessitate speed and ease of data storage. Such a system should also relieve trainers of the responsibility of recording client information hence give them enough time to attend their classes. Online and internet-based customer information systems will address these two issues efficiently. Bounce fitness is also in need of a management program that favors interaction between the trainers and management in order to facilitate communication and easy problem solving. In view of the above, bounce fitness should seek an online customer information system to record client information. Bounce fitness should also recruit a clerk to attend to customer records instead of the trainers.


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Improvement Ideas


Bounce Fitness is a fitness training organization that is facing problems with its information recording system. Bounce fitness wants to upgrade its system to a system that is easier to use and manage. Through the new system, it seeks to reduce over-scheduling of its trainers and improve information storage and accessibility. It also aims at improving client service.


We thank one of the group members for suggesting that bounce fitness should develop a customer information system and recruit someone to operate the system. The new system shall be online-based and customers and trainers can access and update the information whenever they feel necessary. The members also suggested that the communication between management and staff should be improved since collaboration will enable the trainers to work better.


Every member’s contribution was taken into a discussion and the best ideas were chosen. It is important to note that the ideas chosen were a blend of all the members’ contributions. This acted as motivation for all members because it made them feel as part of the team. Our final idea served to provide a comprehensive solution to the problem.


The development of an efficient online customer information system and the recruitment of a clerk to manage customer information will enable the company to solve its re cording problem. First, it will reduce the workload of the trainers, it will also ensure that clients are able to access and update their information whenever they want. The system will be real time hence easier to use and manage.


The availability of an online system will give the fitness centre a competitive advantage over its competitors because of its availability on the internet. Clients will no longer have to come physically to the centre to register for classes or confirm their progress. They will now be able to access their details at the comfort of their homes. The new system will also improve the quality of service given to clients. It will eliminate delays that were caused by the previous system since trainers will now concentrate on their classes and not recording of client information. The availability of someone else to manage customer information will also ensure information integrity and accuracy.


The new strategy will encourage innovation and creativity among staff especially the trainers. A collaborative approach to problem solving and improved interaction and communication between the management and the trainers will enable them to detect problems when they arise and devise solutions or improvements to such problems. The ability of the new system to capture feedback from customers will enable the management to address their needs and make improvements where necessary. Trainers will direct their efforts into methods that will increase efficiency and quality in their classes.

Developing Options

3.1 Transition Implementation Plan

The transition implementation plan of bounce fitness will cover twenty-one days. Within these twenty-one days, the plan is supposed to enable the staff of bounce fitness to familiarize with the operations of the new system. The plan also aims setting up strategies through present clients can be introduced and assisted to work with the new system. In the twenty-day plan, the management is supposed to recruit the clerk who will be in charge of the system. Information technology experts will carry out the configuration and set up the necessary infrastructure in the first seven days. The next seven days will involve the training of the new member of staff recruited and the trainers on the operations of the new system. During this training, the functions of managers will also be reviewed to introduce more collaborative functions. The new functions are supposed to improve the involvement of the managers in the daily activities of the centre. The remaining seven days will be dedicated to the formal handing over of the system to the organization by the information technology experts and a review of the performance of the system so far.

3.2 Approval of Implementation Plan

The implementation plan shall be approved by the manager of bounce fitness. The manager is the right person to approach because he is in a position to ensure that the plan is adhered. Since he will be in charge of the adoption process of the new system, he will also be responsible for the implementation plan. The approval shall be attached to the study report to persuade the manger to carry out this implementation with the report. I shall explain the importance of carrying out this implementation plan. In my explanation, I shall address the potential risks that come with not following this implementation and the length it might take to roll out the new system without applying a strict and elaborate implementation plan. I shall explain the importance of having an implementation plan and the necessity of strictly following it.

3.3 Contingency Plan

Failures at the implementation stage will be rectified by the information technology experts. Minor errors or breakdowns will be addressed immediately while major problems will be extensively analyzed and repaired. The previous system shall also be at hand to assist in case of major difficulties. Bounce fitness shall employ the use of the previous system while the present system is being re citified this will ensure that there is no gap during this stage. Expert advice will also be sought to rectify difficult problems. Trouble shooting of problems will be applied to find out the possible defects in the stages of implementation or the study report.


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