Case study analysis from three different perspectives Name Course Date Case study analysis from three different perspectives Ethics applies to all activities that are carried out by human beings. These are the principles that guide people in their professions. Different professions have established distinct but related ethical guidelines. The field of health is not exempted from moral and ethical standings. One of the major ethical debates is based on the issue of organ donation and the transplant process.

In the case study, the doctor applies the procedural rule of first come first served. This essay provides a commentary to three perspectives on the ethical issues that arise from the procedural rule. 1.

The first come first served rule should apply to all patients. In addition, the procedure should not take in to consideration the physical and financial aspect of the patient. In this case, the street person has greater chances of producing better health results than the lawyer. However, the street person has limited finances to cater for the follow-up process. The cost of treatment after the corneal transplant will require numerous procedures in order to reduce his vulnerability to other complications. However, the lawyer presents a valuable asset to society.

He has a family he plays an important role in providing for his family. He is also less likely to incur further complications after surgery. In addition, the lawyer has the financial capability to cater for the follow-up process. He is also invaluable to society as he provides legal services to many people. This argument does not look into the character or potential of the street person. It is therefore unethical as the street person is discriminated based on the financial aspect.

It is unethical for doctors to be bias based on prominence and wealth (Garret,, 2009). The street child requires an equal and similar opportunity to the prominent lawyer. Though the lawyer has a family that relies on him, the street person is also a member of the same society as the lawyer. The lawyer may offer a viable option because of his status in society, but according to the law, everyone should have equal opportunities in the provision of healthcare whether rich or poor. 2.

It is ethical for the doctor to use the first come first served rule. However, the doctor should consider the outcome of the procedure on both patients. The lawyer presents the possibility of better outcome compared to the street person.

In addition, he does not have a history of illness and has fewer chances of complications after the transplant. However, this perspective should also consider the street person. Event though the lawyer presents better chances, the street person is also a patient that requires an organ.

The outcome of the transplant should be taken into consideration, but the rule must apply equally either way. The street person also has the potential of benefiting society just like the lawyer. 3. This perspective differs with the rule of first come first served. The alcoholic patient presents fewer chances of following up on his treatment regimen. He also has numerous health complications that might plunge him into further health risks.

The view of society is important in the medical field. However, this view should not contradict the ethical principles that guide the practice of medicine. The lawyer presents a better option as he makes a significant contribution to societal development. However, judging the alcoholic as an insignificant member of society is unethical. Alcoholics have the opportunity to change and live productive lives just like the lawyer. Patients should not be judged according to their character, as they deserve equal treatment and care.

The physician is therefore correct in the procedural rule he employs. These two patients should pass through the transplant process based on their medical requirements. Therefore, the value of human life should be the primary consideration. References Garrett, T. M., Baillie, H. W.

, & Garrett, R. M. (2009). Health care ethics: Principles and problems.

Upper Saddle River, N.J: Prentice Hall.


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