Case Study: Structural Fires

Structures are known to be the major dwelling places for most of the American population. They depend so much on these structures because they are the places where they live, work, and search for safety and comfort. However, these places are known to be extremely dangerous if not well maintained as required. This is because they are known to be the most vulnerable places for the fire outbreaks than any other places. The occurrence of fires in homes, stores, offices among other places are known to be very dangerous and too expensive in the Unites States of America. This is because most of these places are so much invested in thus letting fires destroy them, means a lot for the society and the country at large. For instance places such as school buildings, manufacturing plants, and even residential places.

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Fires are dangerous because they result into loss of property costing a huge amount of money, causes injuries to people among other losses that are encountered during the outbreak of fires both in homes and in the working places. Structure fires are known to be the worst compared to other types of fires. Structure may include places where people live, office buildings, school buildings, businesses and processing plants. Fires experienced in these places are noted to be the major cause of many deaths, injuries and loss of many properties worth a huge amount of cash.

In most cases, these structural fires are known to occur because of cooking. Heating and electrical distribution as causes of fire may not necessarily need a human being to be the cause of its ignition; however, the major causative of non-residential buildings includes incendiary leading into about 20% of similar incidents. According to Jeffrey (2010), most fires are known to happen during the winter season. This implies that is between December and January, there is always a high rate of fires occurrences, while the rate is lower in June and September. This becomes persistent with the major causes such as heating and cooking. Studies show that most fires tend to occur during the evening times because it is assumed that in the evenings that is when most people prepare food for their families, whereas others just light fire for their own other uses. Unfortunately, there are always no alarms during the occurrence of these fires due to their failure to operate, and also people are not aware of their availability, or the importance of using the alarm incase of fire outbreaks. According to the United States Fire administration (2004), fire was reported to have occurred because of cooking from a Massachusetts house. Although the fire fighters were present at the scene of the fire incident, they were unable to help a lot because the fire was too heavy with many people trapped from inside.

Structural fires are very dangerous and they cause a lot of economic reduction among other aspect of the life of the people of America. Therefore, to avoid experiencing such big loses; everyone should take a responsibility of ensuring they try as much as possible to prevent such fires from occurring. For instance, people should be careful when cooking to avoid being victims of structural fires. They should ensure that all appliances in the homes or in any building whether in the office or in the manufacturing plants are operated as required, kept and maintained properly at all times. Public awareness on heating and cooking practices should be emphasized more since they are noted to be the major causes of the structural fires. The awareness creation should aim at educating individuals on practicing safety actions and the necessity of preventing fires before they occur. As a way of preventing fire before it spreads to most areas of the building, the use of smoke alarms should be emphasized more.


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