Case Study Student name: Makhmudjon 151210054 Driving ARI



                           Case Study







Student name: Makhmudjon      151210054   

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Driving ARI Fleet Management with Real-Time



Question. 1

Why was
data management so problematic at ARI?


according to the case study because of high number of the data collection of
information gathered by the organization on fuel utilization, support,
permitting and consistence with more than a million autos in the United States,
Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Europe.


To be
more specific six call focuses in North America that work every minute of every
day/365 to help armada operations of clients, aiding repairs, disappointments,
crisis reaction, preventive upkeep and other driver needs. Each ask for data
through the age of the report was transmitted to definitive clients, which accounted
for a normal of five days to make the report.


from that entire picture, it is truly certain why organization has issues
dealing with its information.


     Question 2.

Describe ARI’s earlier capabilities for data analysis and
reporting and their               impact on
the business.


earlier capabilities for ARI’s was gathers and breaks down more than 14,000
units of information for every vehicle and too much manual work and
time-consuming. The main capabilities reporting process took up to five days
and legitimate clients are expected to go along the information and make the


One of
the impact on the business providing data turn into a testing process and impossible
to recognize patterns and make recommendations. ARI’s data framework couldn’t benchmark one client’s armada
to other client.


 Question 3.

HANA a good solution for ARI? Why or why not?

It creates the impression that SAP
HANA was a decent answer for ARI. HANA is SAP’s in-memory figuring stage that
is deployable as an on-start apparatus or in the cloud. HANA is upgraded for
performing ongoing examination and taking care of high volumes of operational
and value-based information progressively. Information are put away in
irregular access memory rather than on a hard circle or glimmer stockpiling
permitting speedier access.


Question 4.

When HANA was incorporated with
SAP Business Objects Explorer, question reactions were created in 3 to 3½
seconds, a long way from the past 36 hours or 5 days. ARI can rapidly mine its
huge information assets and create expectations in light of the outcomes. HANA
has likewise lessened the time it takes for every exchange took care of by
ARI’s call focuses by 5 percent. That converts into real cost reserve funds
since call focus staff represent 40 percent of ARI’s immediate overhead.