Case Study: The Prime Minister’s Powerful Half

For a business leader to be successful in running his or her company, they have to possess power skills that determine the amount of impact they will create in their respective industry and the respect they will be able to garner from their employees resulting in growth for the company (Levina, Orlikowiski, 2009). Ho Ching is one leader who has exhibited the traits of power in her leadership, in the position of CEO of Temasek Holdings. This is exhibited through the manner that the company has expanded under her leadership gaining stakes in a wide array of companies across Asia. Her power is also exhibited in how she has been able to change financial policies used in the company encouraging transparency and answerability by making the financial statements of the company open to public viewing (Nelson, 2005).

Another source of power she possesses is her exemplary leadership and interpersonal skills. She exhibits good leadership in encouraging transparency through the financial report system and when she addresses people, she appeals to their inner drive to influence change in their own continent. Therefore, for a leader to achieve success in leadership should have powerful strategies and capabilities and the innate drive to succeed (Nelson, 2005).


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