?ccording of opportunities for insurers in rur?l m?rket


?ccording to B?rik ?nd P?tr? (2014) in their p?per entitled on “Emerging Trends in Insur?nce- ? Study in Indi?n Life Insur?nce Industry” find new trends such ?s hybrid distribution ch?nnel, regul?tory trend, difficulty in designing m?rketing mix, online policy, cl?im m?n?gement, customer servicing ?nd FDI ?nd growth.

?ccording to Sh?hi, Pr?rth?n? (2013) in her p?per on “Recent Trends in the M?rketing Str?tegies of LIC of Indi?” reve?ls th?t the contribution of LIC to tot?l industry in terms of life insur?nce offices h?s dipped down from 99.41 percent in the ye?r 2001 to 30.94 percent in the ye?r 2012. She further st?tes reg?rding the m?rketing str?tegies ?dopted by LIC such ?s f?cilities to their existing employees, incre?sing the number of individu?l ?gents, introduced Life-Plus offices, incre?se in women employees, b?nc?ssur?nce ?nd ?ltern?te ch?nnels, corpor?te communic?tion ?nd intern?tion?l joint venture.

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 ?ccording to Beng?l Ch?mber of Commerce ?nd KPMG (2013) ?ddress the present context of insur?nce in reg?rd to dyn?mics of extern?l environment which ch?nged the whole industry. Profit?bility, growth ?nd risks ?re to be considered pert?ining to sh?reholders view.

?ccording to Singh ?nd L?ll (2011) in their p?per on “?n Empiric?l Study of Life Insur?nce Products ?nd Services in Rur?l ?re?s” l?y stress on the ex?min?tion of opportunities for insurers in rur?l m?rket ?nd wh?t would be new str?tegies to t?p the highly underinsured rur?l ?re?. He finds th?t insur?nce comp?nies ?re fulfilling m?ny purposes of investments ?nd s?vings ?t ? time but m?ximum respondents buy insur?nce policies for t?x reb?te ?nd f?mily s?fety. He suggests th?t micro insur?nce product should be developed for under privileged people ?nd rur?l ?re?s popul?tion ?nd products should be designed ?s per their needs ?nd income.

?ccording to S?hu (2010) concentr?tes on current discussion ?nd deb?te on micro insur?nce in Indi? with focus on its outre?ch ?nd effic?cy ?nd p?rticip?tion of the t?rget groups in his p?per on “Micro Insur?nce in Indi?: Outre?ch ?nd Effic?cy”. He founds th?t existing micro insur?nce products ?re not dem?nd driven in both high ?nd low outre?ch ?re?s. He further observes th?t there is l?ck of underst?nding, ?w?reness, extension services ?nd development of insur?nce m?rket th?t grossly imp?ct wider use of insur?nce products ?nd its upt?ke p?rticul?rly ?mong low income groups.