CE b) Background: CE 2.2 – Nature of

CE 2 : Construction of G+2 to G+9 Apartments
near Zahran al Junoob, Southern part of Saudi Arabia.


a) Introduction:

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CE 2.1 – Introduction


                This career episode is based on
my engineering activity at Saudi Binladin Group. In this project, I worked as a
Quantity Surveyor cum Site Engineer and worked on South Border Infrastructure




Project Title

South Border Infrastructure Project

Dates for the Project

2012 to December 2015

Duration of the Activity

Years and 1 Months

Name of
the organization

Binladin Group

Geographical Location where the experience
was gained

Zahran al
Junoob, Aseer Region, Saudi Arabia.

My Role






b) Background:


CE 2.2 – Nature of the overall engineering project:


of Interior (M.O.I) of Saudi Arabia was the client which issued this project to
the Main Contractor i.e Saudi Binladin Group. The nature of this project was to
build Roads and different kinds of security buildings like police stations,
civil defense centers, drug enforcement cells, highway patrol centers and
governorate buildings etc. near to the border of Saudi Arabia and Yemen which
were distributed in 4 locations.


Location 1 : Al
Robua – 12 Buildings of G+2 to G+7

Location 2 : Al
Hosn – 4 Buildings of G+2 to G+5

Location 3 : Al
Tehwila – 28 Buildings of G+2 to G+9

Location 4 : Al Sah
– 7 Buildings of G+2 to G+5


CE 2.3 – Objective of the project:


main objective of the project was to deliver the project as per client wish and
design in the given period of time. The buildings which were on area from 1000
m2 to 22000 m2 had 4 to 28 no. of G+2 to G+9 Apartments
at different locations to be built within tenure of 4 years. This work had to
be done as per scheduled time and handed over to the client in order to avoid
financial loss of the company.



CE 2.4 – Nature of your particular work area:


I had to
visit the construction sites where the work was being done.

I had to
prepare schedule of quantities of materials and
Bills, labour requirement, equipments and other engineering works required in
building construction.

I was also responsible for drafting
and interpreting specifications, drawings, plans, construction methods,
procedures and simultaneously was responsible for execution of all the
activities according to the specifications and drawings.


CE 2.5 – Statement of Your


I prepared tender documents,
contracts, budgets, bills of quantities and other documentations.

I discussed the discrepancies between
structural and architectural features with my manager and suggested changes.

I checked the drawings and designs by
liasing along with the Architectural and designing team to ensure the
project/work is carried out as per Client’s requirements.

I suggested the Architectural team and
other site engineers to make the changes in the design and ensured that the
changes were incorporated.

I also performed risk and value management
and cost control.

I ensured the work was carried out and
completed by visiting the sites on a daily basis

I ensured that the materials and manpower
was available for the sites.

I studied the drawings which were approved and visited actual site
locations to ensure the requirements were met.



CE 2.6 – Organizational


                        Figure below gives the
organizational chart of my project. My position is clearly highlighted in


Project Manager
Issam Zehran

Area Manager
Bilal Ghalib

Jawad Odeh






















c) Personal Work Activity:



CE 2.7 – Technical Details of the


The nature of work involves around excavation of
ground surface and backfilling it after the foundation was done.

All the concrete structures below the ground
level had to be coated with bituminous paint as it acts as a water proofing to
all the concrete structures and prevents from corrosion.

This project was executed in accordance with
Saudi Building Codes.

Usage of high
advanced type of construction procedure, the quality of materials, the
international codes and standards which were being used in this project.

I calculated the quantities and followed
drawings, specifications and method of statement from time to time.


CE 2.8 – How you applied your
engineering knowledge and skills:


When we received the tender of the project, i
started studying the scope of the project and was able to suggest some better
ways to conduct the project based on my technical knowledge which i gained from
the field of civil engineering.

I also applied my engineering knowledge and
skills during the backfilling procedure which had to be done in layers of 30cm
according to method of statement and compaction was required minimum of 95% by
performing Field Density Test.


CE 2.9 – The tasks delegated to
you and how did you accomplish:


I was assigned to calculate all the quantities
of the project from excavation to paint.

I was assigned a time period to complete each
activity for civil works i.e. for excavation, backfilling, concrete, steel,
formworks, tiles, doors, windows etc

I ensured that I finished my tasks before the
specified time and my hard work and efforts were paid when my manager showed
his trust in me by elevating my position and giving increment on regular basis.


CE 2.10 – Any
particular technical difficulties/problems and how you solved them:


Problem: The concrete of the columns was casted without
the dowels.




I notified my manager about this issue then we
discussed this with the consultant and found a solution. It was a lengthy
procedure but was the best solution for this kind of problem. The solution was
to install the dowels in the columns. As the dowels were 25 mm thick we had to
drill atleast 5mm more than the thickness of the dowel i.e. 30mm and for the
depth we followed the tabular column of Hilti. For 25mm thick dowels we used
chemical HIT-RE 500 as per hilti standards. After 24 hours of fixing the dowels
we did pullout test in order to acquire the required strength in which we were


CE 2.11- Strategies
devised by you including any original or creative design work:


Replacement of Hollow Blocks by A.A.C
(Autoclaved Aerated Concrete) Blocks.


The block work to be used in the drawing and
specifications was hollow but i suggested my manager during our technical
meeting to use A.A.C blocks instead of hollow as they are load-bearing,
high-insulating and light weight. My manager discussed this with our higher
management and took the approval for A.A.C blocks.



CE 2.12 – How you worked with
other team members:


During this project, working with my colleagues or
subordinates was always a good experience especially with my department (Civil
Engineering). Being friendly with other teams was like a helping hand to me.


Considering safety issues on site for everyone was like
showing humanity and making them aware of the health hazards.


My Building manager who had vast experience in this
field also helped me in technical aspects of the project and variations in the
project whenever we had any additional items to be added to the project cost.


d) Summary:


CE 2.13 – Your view of the
overall projects:


The project on the whole was a great achievement as it
was one of risky project due to its location along the border of Saudi Arabia.
We established a great environment and had built temporary offices on each site
for us and as well as consultant. We followed all the step by step procedures
along with the method of statement and followed safety rules and regulations in
compliance with the safety standards to avoid any hazards and to complete the
project in the provided scheduled time.


CE 2.14 – How the project fared
in meeting the goals/requirements:


The project was being executed in accordance
with the schedule prepared by the planning department who played a major role
in completing the project on the given time. The main achievement of this
project was to satisfy the client by fulfilling all the standards and
requirements of the project. I
successfully achieved the target which was assigned to me within specified
time. On completion of this project my superiors were also impressed with my
work. I also ensured safety and protection at all levels.  Moreover, I created project reports and
presentations and communicated effectively with the large audience.


Working on this project taught me
many things which were not possible to learn during my engineering period. I learned
to use  AutoCAD and MS Excel software’s
to handle the project. As it was my first project overseas I gained a lot of
experience while working in this project such as the high advanced type of
construction, the quality of materials, the international codes and standards
which were being used in this project. We had a team of engineers with sound
knowledge in their field through which I achieved the goals and objectives in
the provided time.


CE 2.15 – How your personal role
contributed to the project:


As my main focus was on technical aspects of the
project, we initiated the project on time and carried out the works according
to the quantities which were calculated by me, the drawings, specifications and
method of statement from time to time. The effective usage of manpower and
equipment throughout the project played a vital role in the completion of the
project on specified time.