Center for public health and health policy


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Center for public health and health policy

CPHHP is an excellent example of a network in community health information. Such networks are systems within organizations, which utilize information technology to transform, store or transmit financial and clinical information. The information might be distributed to other entities like hospitals, clinics, health agencies and physicians among other entities. These network systems are determined by their purpose and resources available (Schneider, 2011). CPHHP is situated in the University of Connecticut. It has merged with other agencies to perform various functions pertaining improvement of health.

Center for public health and health policy serves the population of the Connecticut State. The university and its partners have formed the network to assist the people of Connecticut. For instance, the community and University of Connecticut have collaborated to start services beneficial to the community. Different levels of students in this university are also benefiting from this network in various ways. For example, the network provides opportunities of carrying out experiments based on health. They create a learning experience for the students.

This network has been partnered by Akaza Research, university of Connecticut and other agencies. The main purpose is to create a network, which links different databases through out the agencies (Hofrichter, 2010). All the participating partners contribute the resources and knowledge needed to run the network. They also have the responsibility of making decisions concerning its management. This creative network is observant of the standards set for privacy and security. The network offers chances of integrating and analyzing data on public health, which is later used in program development and decisions made on policies.

From the beginning of 2005, NPHHP has been offering methodology and statistics for services in public health as well as applied health. NPHHP worked together with the Institute for Public Health Research to implement their activities. Some of the activities they perform include managing data, experimental design, power analysis, evaluating program focus groups among other activities. The major stakeholders of this network are fully experienced in public health research. This has enabled their success in their programs and activities (Schneider, 2011).

Some of the benefits of this network are the capability to evaluate targeted population, on how they interact with diverse agencies. The network enhances practices evidenced by connecting programs and health results over time. There is improved ability in evaluating the program and all participating agencies perform self-evaluation. The network is used as an avenue of articulating health needs and other agendas to the government. Another vital benefit is the data standards developed that assists in consistency when structuring the content of databases in agencies.

CPHHP is a coordinator of activities related to health in the University of Connecticut. It also combines outlays related to health in the university (Hofrichter, 2010). This network has collaborated with the school of business in a project on health policy. Other departments in this university are also working together with the network, on various learning services. These learning sites have been made available to the community. They are able to gather information on health issues. For example, people can access the latest information on any diseases or medication.

CPHHP has developed infrastructure in public health. This network is ready to work together with any willing partner to develop and improve health information network in Connecticut. By developing CHIN, they will advise the government on health issues. For example, health insurance matters have been a problem to the people and the government. The government is not fully able to provide basic health care for the people. In such issues, CHIN could step in and advice the government accordingly.

CPHHP is greatly involved in researching about promoting health. They share information with the public about ways of maintaining good health. They study disease cures, as well as prevention strategies. Being public areas, work places are prone to various diseases. This network draws attention to health in work places and advises employees on how to maintain and improve health. Other areas targeted by CPHHP are correction facilities and the community as a whole. Correctional facilities are characterized with poor sanitation and health. CPHHP has played a significant role in proposing health tips (Hofrichter, 2010).

This network is a key unit of analysts who create policies on how health research should be carried out. It is an active member and leader on all projects concerned with health policy. The policies dwell on issues like accessing health care and determining primary health care. CPHHP is concerned about the efficiency of health care and it is contributing towards delivering health care to the community. When this network and the government collaborate on issues pertaining health, they create an understanding, which would not exist if enterprises worked alone.

Health is one of the basic things in people’s lives. It requires frequent improvement. Networks in community health information are playing a crucial role in enhancing health status in the community and the nation as a whole. For example, NPHHP is carrying out research on various aspects of public health. They share the new knowledge with relevant agencies, who later distribute the information to the public. They also assist the government in creating viable policies in health matters. The government should support these networks to improve essential innovations (Schneider, 2011).


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