Chance. this moment we take the chance of

Chance. A six letter word that could have possible consequences,
both good and bad. It can make people, break people or grow people. Life is all
about chance and taking chances, we either get lucky or we don’t and that is
what makes taking chances so important because we learn from them.  We don’t only learn from them but they also
make us grow as a person in terms of building our self-confidence and they can
also help us in conquering some of our fears that we may have. It is great to
take chances whenever we can.


In life we may always try to plan our lives as well as try to
predict the outcome of the situations that life throws at us, however we are all
just like the player throwing the dice in a game of snakes and ladders, we take
the chances. After we have rolled the dice we have to be happy with the outcome
no matter what it is because we decided to throw the dice. If the outcome is bad,
we might get set back a little bit in our lives and get eaten by a snake
however the next turn we get could be good and we could go up the ladder and
get closer to the end which could possible be our goal.

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We start taking chances from a very young age, to be exact we
start from when we are about 9 months and we are ready to get up on our very
own little feet to try and take our first steps on our own. In this moment we
take the chance of either being able to get up and walk or of course falling
down, but even if we fall down we will still get back up and try again because
we know that we will be able to conquer it. We take chances when we go to
school for the first time because we could get bullied or battle but this is
what will grow us and we will of course learn from these situations if they do
occur in our lives. When we go off to university, we could either flourish in
our course that we choose to pursue or we could despise every moment, however
we will only know the outcome of it once we have taken to chance to try it out.

When we get older and we are in a relationship for a long time and we know the
next step is marriage this is a chance that we are wiling to take as it could
either turn out to be successful and happy or it could either turn out to be
not what we expected it to be and then of course we learn from this.


Often people make mistakes and hurt others but not purposely
and then this is when we should give others second chances to show us that we
can trust them again and that we can confide in them. When others apologize and
ask for a second chance we should give it to them as and we are all human, and
we are allowed to make mistakes and we should treat others the way we would like
to be treated.

Life has a plan for all of us and we however need to take
the chances to be able to figure out the plan that has been planned for us and
the paths that we need to take to enable us to pursue our dreams. Success never
came from comfort zones so we need to get out of our comfort zones and take the
risks and chances we get given. Some things in our lives only happen once and
if we don’t take the chance we could miss out, never get that opportunity back
and then live in regret.