Name: Lecturer: Course: Date: Chandler City General Plan Chandler city in Arizona, United States recently crossed the threshold on new directions of the community. A period of rapid growth led to the transformation into a vibrant city from a rural town. A general plan was subsequently formulated to take advantage of this success and pursue stability in the long run.

As Chandler grows into a mature city, land becomes less available for all types of planning and development- from the aspect of land use, public facilities, and transportation are now under more scrutiny. Hence, the element of land is a crucial one in the city’s general plan and calls for intrinsic review. Over the years, Chandler city has developed massively, and developers and business organizations have been pressing for more dwelling units. Nevertheless, the General plan stands for continued land reserve for non-residential purposes of development. This plan looks to achieve a city with fiscal sustainability and improved housing-to-jobs balance. Ultimately, this assures that the city’s desired land balance becomes more proactive especially in soliciting developments of choice types. Incentives such as intense construction, as well as investments in infrastructure, will serve to secure and retain high tech jobs.

Economic factors have achieved all time relevance. Since the land in the city has become diminished, all decisions regarding land use and development are necessary to assure maintenance of the living quality and future revenues and new jobs will suffice in the payment of service levels required by Chandler citizens. Hence, economic development is an indispensable sub-element in the land use for Chandler’s general plan. For this reason, economic development goals supplement the goals on land use. Plans on building are in this regard aimed at strengthening the city’s financial sectors. The construction industry gradually plays a role in the city’s economy.

The long-term stability of the city is dependent on selective decisions of land use: establishing successful businesses with high paying jobs or generating revenues for the municipal. The existing conditions of the city include a varied development plan that the desire of living in the area, cultural enrichment, pursuing education and career, as well as the benefits of an environment planned well. According to plan, Chandler has grown rapidly. With less land available, it is necessary to evaluate conditions that exist and the best decisions for the future. In this case, build out projections have been designed to achieve land use balance and inventory for land utilization. Development intensities and types indicate the location and the extent physical improvements will be applied to attain optimum recreation and housing. Upon evaluating the Chandler general and the element of land, this subject does indeed cover what I have been learning in my course. My knowledge from urban studies allows me to understand that limited resources such as land require the formulation of development plans and policies for managing them.

Social dynamics require on the use of land is differentiated and holds that transforming regions pose expanding and rising use of free land, hence the need for informed management and decisions. In relation, the element of land in Chandler city general plan is similar to the school of thought mentioned previously. Chandler has over the years developed from a rural area into a major city, and this translates into diminished land. Hence, urban studies hold that better management of this limited resource should be applied. Applying this knowledge on Chandler makes sense judging by the current situation the city.

The formulated policies have been designed with the view of implementing objectives and goals for protecting and preserving valuable land. These policies seek to influence and persuade development rather than dictate what landowners should do with their property. This plan is supposed to a source of reference for the residents, landowners, business people, and developers. An ambition for long-term stability in the economy is the basis for these policies. Chandler city looks to achieve its plan in the near future of thirteen years (2025). The rate of development serves testament to reveal that this is not wishful thinking.

Many developers and business organizations are pressing for land opportunities. Since the economics of the city are partly associated with the element of land, proper land management will hence see out the ambition to achieve an improved economic system. In conclusion, the current state of Chandler suggests that the municipal has played a good managerial role to ensure that the element of land and its use see out the vision of more development and industrialization for a better economic status. However, it is crucial to understand that these measures have been put in place at the expense of releasing more land for settlements. This is a means of curbing population growth; something that would prevent development and demand more use of resources.

This plan looks to attain fiscal sustainability and improved housing-to-jobs balance. Ultimately, this is a way of assuring the city that its mission to achieve a desired land balance is more proactive.


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