Name: Course: Lecturer: Date: Chapter 10 Question 1 Assimilation means the act of different ethnic groups dissolving in other communities. Normally, the community that is assimilated is called a minority group and the host is called the dominant community. The minority group fits in by adopting the host community’s practices and way of life. The two groups must co-exist for assimilation to take place.

Several ethnic groups were assimilated in America including the Latinos, Asians, Chinese, Africans and many others. The rate at which the mentioned groups were assimilated depended on how fast they adopted to the host’s environment. The Asians and Latinos were some of the minority groups that went through assimilation in America. Initially, the Asians had no difficulties but later on, they started experiencing problems. Laws were put in place restricting the Asians in terms of their autonomy; many Asians faced violence and some even lost citizenship. Later on during the First World War, the laws were changed and the continuity for Asians was made possible as they were accorded citizenship. Presently, Asians have migrated into America in a big rate; they have been assimilated as full members in American societies.

On the other hand, Latinos are quite slow in their assimilation since they still insist on keeping some of their cultures. For example, the Latinos native language is Spanish which is used at home but in work places, they speak English like the rest of the people. Culturally, the Latinos are used to eating turkey meat during Thanksgiving Day and tamales during the Christmas period. The have held onto the given trend even in America. Therefore, it is evident that the Asians assimilate more readily than the Latinos do. In fact, until now, the Latinos have not been fully assimilated but they are adjusting at their own pace. The reason why Asians have assimilated easily is that they have persisted in the American nations more that the Latinos.

Therefore, the Asians have had more time for faster assimilation. The Latinos have also been inhibited by their strong belief for the native culture. Today, they are gradually assimilating, but have not overcome some of their valued native cultural practices. Question 2 Affirmative action is defined as the implementation of important strategies, with the aim of ensuring that opportunities in a country or society are equally distributed amongst the people. These strategies are an advantage to minority groups that are largely not considered when making general decisions in a nation. Affirmative action helps in reducing practices like discrimination, prejudice, racial segregation and corruption, since it acts in favor of the human rights protection.

Note that, these policies were initially instituted by federal agencies in the 1964 addressing issues relating to equal employment opportunities, education and business practices. Affirmative action should be upheld in the future because it has played a noteworthy aid in the society. Today in America vices like ethnic discrimination, racial segregation and prejudice still exist. These vices mostly affect the African American community because they are part of the minority communities challenged with poverty issues. The African American people mostly suffer discrimination and rejection from the majority group (the Whites) because they are viewed as inferior.

This is attributed to the fact that they originated from Africa and therefore they are considered as being less capable. Therefore, America needs and will continue needing affirmative action so long as such vices are noted in the country. The action will cushion the affected people and assist them towards living comfortably in the society by lessening the present gap between the affluent and the underprivileged individuals for equality purposes.


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