government buildings and physical facilities in this public sector need to be
managed and maintained efficiently and effectively so that they can provide the
key support services in achieving the operational goals of a government
organization. The maintenance of each government buildings is important to
minimize disruption or disruption of the services of government agencies
involved in a government building. Failure to maintain government buildings and
physical facilities in the public sector will provide poor performance and
image to a government agency.

carrying out the maintenance work of building facilities in the public sector involves
the coordination of various sources and related factors. It should be
systematically and effectively managed where this activity is referred to as
maintenance management. The success or failure of maintaining physical
facilities in the public sector depends largely on the effectiveness of its
management. The effectiveness of maintenance management of buildings and
government assets is an important factor in ensuring relevant government
agencies work to achieve their respective objectives for the benefit of the
people and the country.

The use of information technology in the
management of building facility maintenance works simplifies the maintenance
work data stored, processed, removed and transferred. Information technology
plays an important role in the operation of inspection and maintenance as well
as a tool to fulfill a specific goal (Rata, 2001).

the opinion of Ronald et al. (1997) said effective use of computer and building
maintenance software was able to solve the problem of maintenance work. To
understand the information system in the inspections and maintenance of
building facilities, the building management should understand the nature of
the problem to be resolved, the relevant building elements and the maintenance
process undertaken within the organization to achieve the solution.

Based on the above opinion, this
research is of the utmost importance for owners, managers and building
maintainers to have the capability and knowledge in information management for
building maintenance work.

Mobile application playing one of the
important role in this era. This is because most of us have migrates from
computers to mobile application which provides us easiest way to find
information or interacting with others like never before. Therefore, this
project will helps Hospital staff for faster service to submitting compliant
regarding of the services provided by Radicare as the organizer of the Hospital
Putrajaya building.

The Aduan Radicare is an application
that is used to record any complaints relating to the building facilities such
as electrical, mechanical, telecommunications, civil, landscaping and
infrastructure of Putrajaya Hospital from a designated third party. As this application
is used by all Hospital staff in general, as a step forward initiatives are
taken to improve the Complaint System with recommendations for developing
mobile applications. It is to make it easier for staff to send any complaints
directly through smartphones as smartphone users are increasing from time to




Government buildings and facilities are
valuable asset assets, however, they are seen as assets that are less
emphasized and rarely managed. The failure and imperfections of maintenance of
premises and government buildings can negatively affect every citizen who has
been in the environment. It is therefore very important for us to emphasize the
effectiveness of facility maintenance management in the public sector to ensure
a perfect and quality people’s lives.

The need for good maintenance is to
ensure that every infrastructure and public facilities provided to it can be
used as best as possible by the target groups. Good infrastructure is an
important asset to generate economic development and it is one of the key factors
that will be assessed by foreign investors wishing to invest in the country.
The infrastructure condition is always perfect and reflects the level of
efficiency of a government agency, especially those involved in providing
services or service delivery. To ensure that Government assets are preserved,
extend the life span, conserve the environment and maintain cleanliness, a
systematic maintenance scheme will be provided. Public utilities maintenance
programs such as hospitals, schools and government staff quarters will be
implemented outsourced. These contracts will be distributed to district-level
small entrepreneurs, especially Class F. contractors. Engaged entrepreneurs
will be encouraged to use modern equipment with a well-organized, neat and clean
maintenance system.

The maintenance of public facilities
maintenance by the government agencies will only determine the level of
maintenance of buildings and related facilities always in working condition,
cost effective and convenience to consumers and the people. The maintenance of
public facility maintenance management will also ensure the government’s
efforts to enhance the development of the ongoing effectiveness of existing
public facilities for the benefit of the people as a whole.

Some government agencies do not take
seriously on this matter although the guidelines and responsibilities of the
head of department in the maintenance of government buildings have been
explained in the Government General Order Chapter E (Article 25 (a), Treasury
Circular No. 2 of 1991 and Government General Circular No.2 Year 1995. Various
parties have raised some issues of accident and loss occurring as a result of
weakness in maintenance aspects of recent government assets.

Using the manual method, the user will
make phone calls directly to Helpdesk Radicare and will record the complaint
their system. The information entered is through the understanding of the
problem statement given by the complainant and there is a possibility of
misinterpretation. Furthermore, location of the scene is also difficult to
accurately state.

the problems that have been identified are:

The possibility that
the complaint is not recorded is high.

Complaints made have no
solid evidence.

iii      The
user is difficult to know the status of complaints made.

iv      Complaints
made are not accurate because they are recorded through oral methods.

Difficult to know the
location of the complaint made by the user.

vi      Take
a long time to resolve the complaint.




For complaints
involving electrical, mechanical, telecommunications, civil, landscaping and
infrastructure damage of the building.

Use by staff to
complaint of safety quality, healthcare waste and cleaning services.

Provide a medium to
receive complaints from Hospital staff

Assess the level of
service provided by the appointed third party to be in line with the value of




main scope identified in the development of this project is:

This app works as one
of the channels to submit any complaints to Radicare easily and quickly through
the use of mobile devices.

This system may only be
used by all Hospital staff as complainants

Details of electrical,
mechanical, telecommunications, civil, landscaping and infrastructure complaint

This system is capable
of generating an entire computerized report covering damage complaint data




Mobile devices have changed our
lifestyle and daily activities. Not only can we access almost any type of
content on mobile, but with most mobile smartphones today we can deposit
checks, order food, sign digital documents 
and even lock our door. Some of these tasks have become easier because
of this new technology, smartphones. The phone comes with strengths but also
limitations. These strengths and limitations play a role in a good mobile user

Small Screen

the modern trend for large-screen phones, the elements that make the cell phone
very convenient and portable are small in size. When compared to desktop and
laptop screens, the phone screen accommodates much less content. As a result,
screen size is a serious limitation for mobile devices. In a 30-inch monitor,
the content displayed in the viewable area is a small 4-inch screen that
requires 5 screens. Therefore, mobile users must:-

Pay a high interaction
fee to access the same amount of information.

Depend on short-term
memory to display invisible information on the screen.

it is not surprising that mobile content is twice as difficult.

Slow and Error-Prone

Typing on the touch
keyboard is slow and error-prone exercise so be sure to keep your form fields
absolute minimum and pre-select smart defaults. Additionally, you need to
consider how you handle errors in the data. Although you also had to process
erroneous data in desktop designs, there will be even more errors in the
completed forms on touch devices using the touch pad and a smaller screen size
(less context and Preview). Revision pages can be a good idea for longer forms
if the user cannot edit the data after they have been submitted. Using an
optimized touch keyboard is a key. You may also consider auto-complete
functionality, geo-data usage, inline verification, address validator and other
methods for proposing and correcting user inputs while typing.

Less Context

screens on touch devices lead to shortening the context. This makes it more
difficult for users to get an overview of the page, compare different options,
and remember previous content. Consider a long form. When a user scrolls down,
the title of the form goes away with the data previously entered. Without this
context, it would be more difficult to interpret the meaning of the form fields
that are currently visible. It also makes it difficult to detect errors
retrospectively. In this case, the review or summary screens help prevent the
wrong data while allowing a header at the top of the screen to maintain the

Poor Connectivity

connection problems and slow download speeds on smartphones are not uncommon.
It’s really a two-part problem:

No connection: while
users probably do not expect offline mode from apps, developer  should still try to manage lost connections in
an elegant way. The AJAX-enabled features are particularly prone to unexpected
behavior and silent failures.

Slow download speeds –
If you are on an EDGE mobile network, the download speeds will be pretty
miserable. In other words, if your site should also be usable on slower
connections, be sure to minimize its footprint by setting up an aggressive
cache, using CSS3 effects instead of images, and so on.

Of course, both of these solutions will
improve the experience of all types of networks. Lowering your site’s download
footprint makes it superfast on faster connections. Managing network problems
gracefully will naturally be greatly appreciated by users the few times they
experience network problems on otherwise more stable connections.


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