Chapter to make things worse in the story.

Chapter 9: In chapter 9 everyone thinks they might be going insane and the two deaths were going to happen anyway. Blore thinks Dr. Armstrong didn’t mean to kill Mrs. Rodgers. Lombard reveals that he was invited to the island and promised some money. This is why Lombard brought a revolver to the island. Now he concludes that everyone is being set up. Then the lunch bell alerts everyone has to look at the gong. Then they can’t seem to find General Macarthur. General Macarthur is dead. Now they discover there are only 7 china figures left. It seemed that he was hit in the back of the head with something. Wargrave eliminates one by one looking to find who the real killer is. But until he finds out everyone is a suspect. He stays positive that the killer is still on the island. He told everyone to stay alert and be aware of danger. The killer is still not found.Wargrave determines that Vera, Lombard, Armstrong, and Blore had an opportunity to kill Mcarthur. Each of those guests had moments that they were observed by others. Then a storm occurs. I think it is for more tension in the story. Also, it is just to make things worse in the story. People are still being accused. Wargrave still can’t find the killer. So nobody is leaving until the case is solved. Chapter 10:In chapter 10 Vera and Lombard try to figure out the real killer. Lombard things its Wargrave because he is the judge and likes to play God. Vera does not see that she thinks it is Dr. Armstrong and Wargrave helping each other with the crime, in other words they are working together as criminals. While they are deciding who the real killer is Emily Brent is reading her bible and writing her journal. Then they go downstairs to drink some tea to wait out the storm. Everyone is telling stories to each other having a good time until, Mr.Rogers comes and asks where the bathroom curtain is. Finally, after dinner they go to bed except Mr.Rogers, because he decides to lock up the China figures so nobody can get in them. After he knows everything is safe Rogers goes to bed himself. Morning approaches. They are still trying to find the real killer. Wargrave is still accused the most! Everyone is still not sure if it is Wargrave for sure. They still think that the murderer is still in the process of planning his next victim. As they are trying to figure out who it is the storm is still going. The next step is to catch the killer in action. They are waiting for someone to make their move. They are alert not actually setting up to catch them they are being alert and hoping to see it happen. Hopefully it happens soon. They all are afraid to lose anymore of their friends. They all regret coming to this island. All their hopes are still up that he or she is still on the island. How long will it take to catch them? Chapter 11: In chapter 11 it was the next day. Lombard wakes up and notices Mr. Rogers hasn’t knocked on his door to call him for breakfast. He calls everyone and then they notice another China doll figure is missing. Then they go looking for him, soon enough they find him dead. Rogers was killed as he was chopping up wood in the morning. Vera laughs because the next line of the poem talks about a bee and there are none on the island. Then, Armstrong hits her then she straightens up. Then, as they eat breakfast they are trying to find the real killer is.It turns out Rogers was hit in the back of the head with a wood chopper. Blore says to Lombard thinking the killer is Vera because she straightened up so quick. Lombard replies “The real killer would have went strait back up to bed. Vera is in the kitchen making breakfast. As she makes breakfast she is scolding herself for laughing earlier. Everyone is very polite at breakfast! They all think about who the killer is once again. Also, not just who it is but who will be killed next.  When will the next kill happen? Nobody knows. Will it be soon or in days, weeks, months, or maybe years. I thought the next kill was going to happen while they were talking and discussing when it was going to happen. After breakfast the storm was gone. Not completely gone tho there was still strong winds! They still don’t know who the real killer is. Chapter 12: Breakfast is over and Vera starts to clean everything up. Emily tries to help but she is to hyper. Armstrong offers something to calm her down. She shouts “No!” She just suggested she would sit down until it passes. Then everyone leaves Emily in the dining room alone. She then hears a buzzing sound. She starts to think of the bees, but there were no bees on the island. She hears someone slowly approaching her from behind but also feels a bee sting on the back of her neck. Everyone is in the drawing room waiting for Emily. It’s been a while so Vera decides to go get Emily. But, Blore stops her because he thinks she might be killing someone, or is in the act of it. Armstrong agrees. Wargrave wanted to know if she seemed guilty. But Vera says no. Wargrave wanted to bring her to the room to observe her but sooner or later they find out she’s dead. Armstrong observed the body a little closer. He notices a mark on her neck. But what is it, he said it seems to that she was injected with poison. Also, he thinks its the same poison that killed Marston! Vera points out a bee. But they all thought there were no bees on the island. It was pretty ironic. Then there were five China doll figures left. The real killer is still not found!