Name: Course: Institution: Date: CHARACTERS JOSHUA (A rich and spoilt boy) ERIC (JOSHUA’S friend) CARPENTER (an entrepreneur whose shopped is attacked) The two thieves and the carpenter ACT one SCENE 1 The scene is set in a carpenter’s workshop withy two boys at the window peeping in. one is dressed in shabby clothes (ERIC) and the other is sharply dressed (JOSHUA). The carpenter is finishing up for the day. JOSHUA: (whispering) I told you it will not be that hard. I have been studying his routine and that is what he does everyday after work. He puts all his collections of the day in a bag and stuffs it under the table in a drawer then it is taken to the bank in the morning.

No one will get hurt all we have to do is sneak in when he goes in the back and steal it. He will not know who stole the money and no one will get hurt. ERIC: (whispering back) I do not know Josh. What if a client comes back? JOSHUA: Stop being a coward. We cannot be caught.

If we do not do it tonight, we will never get another chance. I need the money and I know you need it too. Let us not debate any longer. Your mother needs this money for your brother’s medicine. Do you want him to die? ERIC: I know what is on the line here. What if we are caught? JOSHUA: I am going in if you want to stay that is your own decision.

(JOSHUA goes towards the door and puts on his mask) Come on; stop wasting time before he comes back. (Both boys enter the shop. JOSHUA heads straight for the table and ERIC acts a look out.) ERIC: (whispering) then will have to be as quick as possible so that we are not caught. I would not want to go to jail. Who will take care of my mum and bro if we are in jail? JOSHUA: (struggling to open the drawer) I think it is locked we will have to break it open hand me that hammer.

ERIC: It will make too much noise use your hands instead. JOSHUA: It is not as if I have super human strength. It is just one bang; he will not even know it came from inside the shop. Hurry before he comes (motioning for ERIC to pass the hammer) ERIC: (picking up the hammer and taking it to JOSHUA) be as quiet as you can.

I do not want to attract any unnecessary attention. (He goes back to the door) Oh, NO he is coming let us just go. Leave the money Josh. JOSHUA: We cannot leave without the money we will have done all that work for nothing. (ERIC who was at the door goes back to pull JOSHUA so that they can make a run for it but JOSHUA still refuses to bulge. He hits the table so hard that it draws the carpenter’s attention and he runs into the room.) ERIC: (runs to the door but before he reaches he is tripped by something.

He falls with a thud) Josh lets go (he calls out to his friend) (The carpenter enters the room and finds both boys red handed. JOSHUA is helping ERIC up. He is holding a gun in his hands and it is aimed at the two friends) CARPENTER: You little thieves (he shouts) today you shall meet your maker. ERIC: Do not shout have mercy on us.

(He puts his hands in the air hoping to be pardoned JOSHUA’S hands are also in the air) please sir. forgive us we were not here to steal. CARPENTER shouting) and you still have the audacity to lie to me.

It is not the first time you have stolen from me. ERIC: I swear we did not intend to steal from you (his voice starting toe quiver). Please have mercy and do not kill us. JOSHUA: We beg you sir do not shoot. CARPENTER: Do you know how hard I work to earn my money? Then if you were not here to steal then what are you doing in my shop? (Still pointing the gun at the boys) Kneel down on the floor. (Both boys kneel down) Lazy boys like you make it hard for hardworking people like me to thrive in this economy. Remove those masks so that I can see your pathetic faces.

I said remove them. (ERIC starts to remove the mask but JOSHUA stops him) JOSHUA: Sir please let us go. Forget you saw us we will never return here. ERIC: Sir this was our first time we are not thieves. It is only that we are desperate and we needed the money. We did not even want all cash just enough to pay my brother’s medical bill. Please just let us go we will not do this ever again.

(The carpenter readies the gun to shoot.) CARPENTER: I said remove those masks. Let me call the police so that they can deal with you scoundrels.

(He makes his way to the telephone near the door his gun still pointed at the boys. He dials a number. He is heard faintly reporting the matter to the police) JOSHUA: (Whispering to ERIC) that gun is not even loaded I know that for a fact let us just try to tackle him for it then make a run for it. I will hit him with my head then you head for the gun. ERIC: (also whispering) No lets us just do what he wants then maybe he will let us go. JOSHUA: Do not be silly you know what sort of man he is.

He will not let us go. If he had a good heart, he would have loaned your family the money instead of refusing to do so. I say we do our best to escape. I am sure he will turn us in to the police as soon as he finds out whom we are. CARPENTER: (shouting) what are you two whispering about the police will be here in a few minutes so do yourselves a favor and remove the masks. I said remove the masks. (JOSHUA stands and runs towards the gun.

ERIC watches as a struggle between the two starts. After a few seconds of struggling, the gun goes off and JOSHUA falls down. ERIC removes his mask and runs towards the body. He removes JOSHUA’S mask too and starts shouting and crying) ERIC: What have you done? (The CARPENTER bends next to the body and drops his gun) CARPENTER: Why would you do this son? Why? (The lights fade off)


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