church; with a torch, kill, etc.] ROMEO: Give

church; in her a tomb pertaining to the Capulets.
Enter PARIS, and his bearish flowers and a torch
PARIS Give me your torch, child: therefore, and resist:
However, I put it out, because I would not see it.
Under ionic joys we find ourselves all day long,
Holding the ear near the empty floor;
Thus there will not be any foot on the rock of the temple,
To be loose, without confirming, with the excavation of tombs,
But you will hear it: then I whistle,
As a signal you will hear something.
Give me these flowers Do what you have granted me, go.
PAGE Other I am almost afraid of being alone10
Here at the cemetery; We still bored
PARIS Flower sweet, with flowers in your wedding bed I pulled, –
Oh! your canopy is dust and stones;
That with fresh water at night I will return to choke,
Or, wishing this, with tears distilled by moans:
The gifts that I will keep for you
Every night you will be making strips of your tomb and crying.
The whistles of the page
The boy gives a warning that it is approaching.
He who bitten the foot passed that night,
To cross my royalties and the true rites of love? 20
What about a torch! Mufla’m, night, for a while.
Between ROMEO and BALTHASAR, with a torch, kill, etc.
ROMEO: Give me that scrub and the torn iron.
Keep it, take this letter; early in the morning

Look at the book to my lord and father.
Give me the light: about your life, I charge you,
Whatever you hear or come, let yourself be marginalized,
And I do not interrupt myself in my course.
Why under this bed of death,
It is partly seen my lady’s face;
But, mainly, take from his dead lie 30
A precious ring, a ring that I have to use
In dear jobs: therefore, it has disappeared:
But if you, jealous, come back to shudder
In what I would like to do,
For the sky, I will tear you together
And he started this hungry cemetery with the members:
Time and my attempts are wild,
More fierce and more inexorable
That the empty tigers or the sea roar.
BALTHASAR I went away, sir, and will not bother you. 40
ROMEO, then, will show me the friendship. Take this:
Living and being prosperous: goodbye, goodbye.
BALTHASAR Aside For all this same, I am going to hide here:
I am afraid of him, and his attempts I doubt.
ROMEO Your detestable, death matrix,
Sticking to the most beautiful lump of the earth,
Therefore, I enforce your rotten jaws to open,
And, in spite of everything, I will make you eat more!
Open the grave
PARIS This is that Montague has missed out,
That I killed the cousin of my love, with whom the pain, 50
It is assumed that the fertile creature died;
And here they come to make some villain embarrassment
To the corpses: I will stop it.
Go ahead
Stop your uncontrollable efforts, vile Montague!
Can you pursue revenge beyond death?
Damn damned, I appreciate you:
Obey and go with me; because you have to die.
ROMEO, I have to do it; and therefore I came here.
Good mild youth, not temptations of a desperate man;
Fly, therefore, and leave me: think of those that no longer; 60
May they add you I ask you, youth,
Do not put another sin on my head,
In urging me to the fury: Oh, no longer!
By the sky, I love you better than me;
Well I’m selling here armed against myself:
Do not be it, you have not gone; live and from now on,
The mercy of a crazy person fled.
PARIS I challenge your spells,
And apprehend you here for a delinquent.
ROMEO, do you provoke me? after you have you, boy! 70
PAGE Oh Lord, fight! I’ll call the clock.
To go out
PARIS O, I am dead!
If you are merciful,
Open the grave, he puts me with Juliet.
ROMEO In faith, I will do it. Let me see this face.
The relative of Mercutio, noble county of Paris!
What my man said, when my soul swallows
Did not you attend while we walked? I think
He told me that Paris had married Juliet:
He said no? or have I dreamed that way? 80
Or I’m crazy, listening to him talking about Juliet,
To think it was that way? Give me your hand,
One writes with me in the book of bittersweet misfortunes!
I’ll bury you in a triumphant tomb;
A tomb Or not! a lantern, the sacrificed young people,
Juliet is here, and she does her beauty
This turn is a presence full of light.
Death, you have there, for a dead man interr’d.
Putting PARIS to the grave
As it is not when men are at the point of death
They were happy! that his servants call
A ray before death: Or, how can I 90?
Do you want to call a ray? Or my love! my wife!
Death, who has sucked the honey of your breath,
I still had no power over your beauty.
You are not conquered; the teaching of beauty yet
It’s crimson on your lips and my cheeks,
And the pale flag of death does not move forward.
Tybalt, are you in your bloody sheet?
Or, what else can I please you,
That with that hand that cuts your youth in the second
To end your enemy? 100
Forgive me, premium! Oh dear Juliet, 

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