The most important of our flowchart and service is the client. We present our
service through an educational practice rather than sales. We want families to
see how our product can meet their needs, and have a better understanding by
simplifying life insurance into something they can comprehend. This will allow
them to make an educated and informed decision.



2.    Needs-
The next important thing that we assess our client’s level of life insurance
knowledge and determine their needs. We ask questions such as, What you know
about life insurance, What do you currently have, and what are you looking for
having a policy? These questions help us to tailor our plan based on what
customers needs, and we can illustrate what that will look like regarding
payments, and financial benefits for the future.

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3.    It is very important for us to speak to
clients who already own life insurance. Insurance companies have been updating
policies and features to give clients more benefits, so many plans from the
past, may or may not be the right fit at that time in their lives. In some
cases, it no longer works given their current family situation. For example,
their income or net worth may have risen significantly; they may have more
children now, they may have a new income, etc. So, we want to make sure the
insured can have a policy that is relevant to their current and future status




Our products are
something we like to go through with clients is to help them understand the fundamentals
of insurance policies like Term, Universal, and Whole Life: We cover the
different kinds of features, with the pros and cons, of each. We also include
costs, fees, riders, cash value, as well as death benefit, cash value, loans,
level premiums, riders, and rates of return.


5.    During our questionnaire, we ask of each of
our clients, What are looking to gain with our life insurance product and What
do you need to know further of to have total clarity with this?” Most responses
are: to pay off their mortgage or other debts, and to help for retirement. This
is our way to identify the amount  or any
recommendations that may be helpful



6.    Our risk evaluation procedures take into
explanation the price of risk and the ability of the company to underwrite
it.  In our evaluation, We look to
support risk. We want to keep premiums low without poorly adding to the possible
general risk to existing policy holders. The risk evaluation process that
accepts with the insurance company allowing us to create a sustainable plan.



7. Documentation

The insurance company
will generate a set of documentation of its customs related with risk
evaluation. Underwriters have entry to the information about the types of
factors accessible when underwriting risk and the unity of certain risk
factors. Insurance company’s use these documentation procedures, for the
insurer to give full access to information with risk data.



8. Once we obtain the
client’s application, we will begin an assessment process called underwriting
and regulate whether you are eligible for insurance. We will have the
flexibility to modify on a regular basis if needed. The application will be our
primary source of information: therefore, it must be accurate. Client’s must
inform us of a change to any answer in any part of their application before
accepting delivery of policy The product in order to qualify and approve it must pass an
insurance test. If it does not meet the standards of this test. It fails to be
categorized as a life insurance policy and becomes an investment policy,
however approved benefits plans are issued and underwritten by the Insurance
Company.  The product will be provided through various agencies
partnered with insurance companies, as these agencies will acquire agents to
become licensed in order to solicit specific insurance policies. Data about each potential client developed by an agent is incorporated
in the insurance companies. The software catalog that includes all required contact
information. The software observes the status of the proposals shown by
the agents thus enabling sales managers at all levels to view agents’ claims for
clients or from its software. During the application process of being confirmed
with the contract, the company  process documents
the client’s contact information to design and 
better modify to the client’s needs, based on the information provided.Additionally our process  negotiations a component which allows for the production
of lists of potential clients from the catalogue and then assigns them to the
company advisors. The group manager may manage the operate of the consultants operationally,
observing the amount of calls made, organized meetings or the number of non-completed
(non-contract finalized) offers.

However the system does not allow for the use of incorrect documents.
All documents is made by the method with no user affect. When the company concludes
to change the document content or its template, it may be uploaded into the
system only by certified system supervisors. 


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