“Climate Change” is a common word with mankind. Furthermore, the alteration of climate has become one of the genuine natural challenges which mankind must be encountered every day.

Climate fluctuations occur in numerous nations in the world. In the moment haft of the 20th-century, temperature expanded strongly in Canada, The Frozen North, Northern Europe, Asia in the winter, while the summer of the Mediterranean and the Center East and a few other places are essentially hotter, according to The National Scholarly of Sciences (2012). From Trenberth, Mill operator, Mearns, Rhodes (n.d), in common, climate change cannot be anticipated basically by using observations and statistic because they are as well complex go well beyond conditions ever experienced before.

The human can realize from phenomena variation such as an earthquake, dry spell, softening ice, ocean level rise, all of which cause assorted serious issues. absolutely, both humankind and environment have endured results of Climate changing. This paper, based on secondary data to enhance a knowledge about climate change, will discuss facts and background information about climate change, its causes and effects              2.1 Facts and background information about climate change  Climate change seems to be a fairly common problem in numerous nation which is received much attention from society.  According to many figures which are collected from diverse inquire about establishing and researching to the definition of the climate’s alteration, there are many experts who attempt to come up with accurate that definition.

On the whole, A few investigations can persuade the peruser. According to CLIMATE CHANGE: EVIDENCES, IMPACTS and CHOICES book was written by The National Academic of Sciences (n.d) Climate is a type of weather condition and its alterations are showed up by a combination of estimation statistics which is collected and analyzed from various geographic scales.


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