It was interesting to note that Mayo Clinic has a
specific for its Facebook page which is an extension of the hospital’s mission
statement. The content posted on their Facebook page is based on the mission
statement which talks about putting the patient first and to encourage
interaction, discussion and criticism but urges the users to be relevant and
respectful. The posts uploaded on the page can broadly be divided into three

Hospital related posts: As
mentioned earlier, the Facebook page leverages the power of the Mayo Clinic
brand to its maximum potential. These posts are focused on highlighting the
achievements of the hospital in terms of breakthrough medical feats, the
technological prowess of the institution and the individual achievements of the
staff. The Facebook page is also used as a platform to make announcements
regarding the expansion of current services and structural changes at any of
the locations, if any.  Occasionally,
path breaking stories are featured as throwback Thursday or #TBT posts. These
show how far the hospital has come since its inception and is again a testimony
of the Mayo Clinic Brand.

Mayo Minute: These are as the
name suggests these videos that are a minute long or short articles which can
either be focused on a medical condition or help understand how everyday
behaviours are linked to health. These posts provide just enough information to
create an interest and make users visit the mayo clinic website to quell their

Current events: These videos
and posts are on the lines of the Mayo Minute posts, but are more detailed and
provide an in-depth information regarding the medical conditions making the
rounds. These posts are means to show the users the expertise of the medical
professionals at the Mayo Clinic and to subtly promote the physicians.

‘Dear Mayo’ posts: These are
basically Frequently Asked Questions regarding particular diseases. However these
posts are written like an agony aunt column and hence feel relatively different
from the run of the mill FAQ posts seen on other websites.

Case Studies: As mentioned
earlier the target audience for the Facebook are potential and current students
enrolled in various programs offered by Mayo Clinic. To engage this particular
audience, case studies are put up on the page, aided with visuals from the mayo
clinical laboratories, allowing physicians to make their own diagnosis.

There other things that could be seen on the Facebook page were,
personal stories by patients, their family members and/or the employees of the
hospital. The Facebook page is also used as a platform to promote events that
the hospital or an organization collaborating with the hospital is hosting, the
periodic podcasts that the hospital telecasts and videos which maybe be
technical medical videos, general information videos or videos documenting
personal stories.


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