Codesin distinguishes the overall customization of other strategies, such as agile manufacturing or postponement of strategies in the distribution chain. It also provides new opportunities for marketing management and customer relationships.

Recent research by Frank & Beller (2004) and Serene (2006) has shown that up to 50% of the additional allocation to pay for personal products (consumer) can be explained by a positive recognition of the coding process itself. Products that customer codes can provide are also symbolic (intrinsic and social) benefits to the client, resulting from the coding process and not from its results (eg, Biller, 2005, Reichwald, Medler and Beller, 2005, Shukir, 2006). Sinister, for example, pointed out the influence of authoritarian pride. Customers can participate in creating something on their own, which can add value because of great enthusiasm about the outcome.

This effect is related to the need for exclusivity as discussed above, but is based here on one task rather than its consequences. In addition to enjoying, achieving the task has a sense of creativity. Participating in code development can be considered as a highly creative problem solving by people involved in this task, becoming a catalyst for purchasing a comprehensive customization product.An important prerequisite for transparent customer satisfaction is that the process itself is happy and successful.

The client must be able to perform the task. The question of competence involves this flow, a construct often used by researchers to explain how client involvement in a process increases satisfaction (Xixentmihali, 1990). Flow is the best process of experimentation that is achieved when passionate users consider the balance of their abilities and challenge during the interaction process (Novak, Hoffman & Yang, 2000). Interaction with a set of codeine tools can lead to this exact situation.

However, the peculiarities of user design with a set of codin tools limit the direct transfer of results in other domains to codeine. It is therefore necessary to have more empirical knowledge in this matter (Frank & Beller, 2003). Marketing researchers benefit from this research opportunity (eg, Delaert & Stremersch, 2005, Randall, Terwisch & Ulrich, 2005, Simonson, 2005).


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