COLLECTIONOF LEARNING RESOURECE AND SERVICES OF MANDSAUR UNIVERSITY, MANDSAUR: A STUDY    1.     Dr. Ashwani Yadav                                                                    2.  NandkishorePatidar   AbstractThelearning resources collection development is a series of functions, whichtogether shape holdings of library. A library in order to disseminate effectiveservice takes all care of developing relevant reading materials which should bethe high quality in context of service, information and productivity. Relevant readingcan ensure only the Library as it has a well-defined policy.

Users of speciallibraries are as the varied as the types of libraries they patronize the researchscholars, students and philosophical professionals. Besides, a wide variety ofreader’s services is given by the special libraries readers. The problems likeSelection of collection, Appropriateness of collection, services available,Issue-Return Facilities, availability of various resources, physical facilitiesand other related issues are analyzed.

At the end, it was found that Staff isnot enough in the library. The Library is housed in rented building but the LANand WI-FI facilities are available in the library. The suggestions keeping inview the problems of the library are also given at the endKeywords:Collection,Learning resource, Services, central Library,1.Introduction The Private university library playsrole garnet of knowledge for developing country, as like India. Users of thelibrary want to get the right information at the right time but increase in thesize and complexity of the information pose the user some obvious questions,such as how to approach to the system of information retrieval of booksinformation, how to search the documents. This can be done through the bettermanagement of collection, better organizational setup and with the modern services.

According to Dr. S. R.

Ranganathan, the libraries must fulfill the laws of thelibrary science for betterment of the society. The first law is books are foruse, in the law the term use shows to make libraries services effective onadequate knowledge about the users their needs, wanted. Library has goodcollection of resources and libraries provided every latest development intheir subject related field.

Collection resources and Development is one of themost challenging processes of the library profession where by the library staffcollects types of learning materials to meet the demand of its users. The termcollection has undergone considerable change within the field of librarianship collectiondevelopment policy and acquisition policy is the terms used interchangeably.They are by no means .

They represent a hierarchy in which collectiondevelopment is planning function placed at the highest level. Selection is thelevel of decision-making and acquisition of various materials, selection,decisions and collection development plans. Hence collection and acquisitionpolicies are independently different form the of the collection developmentplan.2.Objectives of the study Theobjectives of the study are as follow:a) To know about the type of collection of resourcesand provide services by MUM library.b) To know the accumulation of resource developmentpolicy used by MUM.c) To know the condition of library in various arealike acquisition and reference.

d) To know the status of library automation.e) To know the any special service provided to theuser.f) To know about the various resources either printor e-resources present in the library.g)  To knowthe problems faced by user in getting services.3.

Methodology This study is based on the variousaspects related with the nature and functioning of the Private University libraryin Mandsaur Madhya Pradesh. In the study the efforts have been made to knowabout the establishment collections, services and acquisition of the PrivateUniversity library in Mandsaur. The research has been conducted by the Interview,survey method for this purpose, a questionnaire has been prepared after dueconsideration so that all the related data is made available accurately and effectively.The data was collected from Librarian to verify the facts. An analysis has beenmade after collecting the relevant data and some suggestion have been made forthe improvement and better function of the library so that it can play animportant role in reaching its goals.4. Profile ofCentral Library, Mandsaur University, Mandsaur (M.

P.) MandsaurUniversity, Mandsaur is one of new private university. The Established by Government of Madhya Pradesh by an ActNo.17 of 2015 on 05th February 2016 the University is poised for anambitious growth. First Vice Chancellor Dr.

Dilip Kumar Patnayak and rightlybears his name. It is located in the south-western part of Madhya Pradesh. Mandsaur It is well connected byRoad and Rail to major districts and cities. The national highways NH 21 passthrough Mandsaur city.

One can get down at Mandsaur to proceed to famousreligious place Ujjain which is just 210 kms from Mandsaur city. Madhya Pradesh InfrastructureComputers 18, servers01, printer/photocopy scanners 01, Barcode scanner01 There is subscription to 107 print journals, 30magazines and 276 E-journals through Science Direct (elsviour)  & 1500E-journals through Delnet. Library Collection 75,000 books Current periodicals 75  (Scholarlyjournals/magazines) 15 National newspapers 10000+ e-journals100 +DissertationsOver 2500 CDs/DVDs Textbooks, reference books,technical journals, periodicals, 47542  Volumeswith 12923 titles his library is fully automated and computerized.  Reference room canaccommodate 100 Students at a time.

4.1 Collectionof learning resources: Mandsaur University Central libraryat present having approx. 47542 numbers of Learning resources as a  including books, reference books, Journal& reports, project, thesis, periodical,  and manuscript. 4.2 Library resourcecentre servicesThe university libraryprovides different types of services these are:Referenceservice Current awareness service Internet Reprographic service (the Library isproviding Reprography service to its readers on demand at very nominal cost). OPAC4.3 HumanResources of the Library (staff)Total no ofstaff member is 07.

4.4 Funding/FinanceThe funds of theCouncil will consist of the following:(a)    Selffinance (b) Gifts, donations, benefactionsor other transfers(c) Receipts of theCouncil from other sources(d) Income from theassets of the Council(e) UGC funding5. Data Analysis                                  Based on Questioner and interview                                        Table1.1:  About University Library Name of library Central Library, Mandsaur University, Mandsaur (M.P.) Year of establishment date 05th February 2016 Website  of University http://www. Website of  Library

in/central-library/ Email address of Library [email protected]   Timing of Library 08:00 a.m to 8:30 p.m  Holiday in a Academic year as per Higher Education Reading room is open in holiday No The table shows the name of the library isestablished in 2016 and it is A Private          organization.The timing of library is 08:00 to 8:30 from Monday to Saturday.                     Table 1.

2: University libraryprofile Including University  building ? Separate library building × Setup Section wise ? Separate Reading Section ? Separate Circulation Section  ? Separate Periodical Section ? Separate Periodical Section ?   The table shows theCentral library including administrative building.                       Table 1.3: General library profile Carpet area (in.sq.mts) 4290 No.

of section  07 Seating capacity (Reading Room) 200 Seating capacity (E- library) 25          The table shows carpet area is4920 sq.mts seating of reading section 200 and e-        section 25                            Table 1.4: LibraryStaff profile Librarian No. Head Librarian 1 Dy.Librarian — Assistant Librarian 2 Cataloguer /Classifier — Professional Assistant 1 Library Assistant 1 Library Attendant 2      The table shows 1 Head Librarian, 2 assistant librarians and supportingstaff but there       is no deputy librarian, Cataloguer /Classifier                            Table 1.5: Book Selection andAcquisition According to quality ? According to availability ? According to Price of the book × According to Prescribed syllabus ? By publishers reputation ? By popularity of the documents ? Recommended by experts ?           The table show except price of books and allabove preference by selection of books                      Table 1.6: Mostly resourceof Collection Textbook ? General books ? Reference book ?            The above table shows that resourcesof collection are mainly of reference and general            books.            Table1.

7: Type of Collection Available in the Library Books ? Periodicals ? News Papers ? Magazines ? Periodicals ? Maps& other Printed Resources ? Microforms × Manuscripts ? Special collection ? E-books/ E- journals ? Above table library hascollection of books, periodicals, reference books and Manuscripts. Librarybooks, periodicals, reference books. Exception Microforms only                             Table 1.8: Growth of resources Years 2013 -2015 2014- 2015 2015-2016 2016-2017 Books 56,100 62,200 69,500 71,000 In the above tablelibrary has rich collection of resource all types of books, periodicals,   reference books and Manuscripts. University Libraryhas 2016-17. Total collection of resource is 47,542.                Table 1.

9: Collectiondevelopment Authority Registrar × Librarian ? Library Committee ? Assistant Librarian × Collection Development Committee × In the above table library prefer theselection of books which are recommended by expert’s professionals Table 1.10: Selectionsof Resources According to user ? According to Subject expert ? According to Syllabus & bibliography ? According to catalogue × Inthe above table selection of the books is mainly done according to user,Subject expert and Syllabus & bibliography                 Table 1.11: Number ofEquipment Computer ? Printer ? Photocopier ? Scanner ? Fax ? Photocopier ? Telephone Intercom ? Projector ? VCR/CD player             × T.V              ? Table shows that library provides thefacility of photocopy and it has scanner, telephone & computer all aboveand only not have VCR/CD player.                   Table 1.12: Non PrintMaterial CD-ROM × Databases × Floppies × Microforms × Optical disk × Online network × Theabove table shows that the library does not have any non- print material.                        Table1.13: Technical Processing Classification scheme DDC ? Catalogue card AACR-2 ? Catalogue form OPAC ? Table shows clarification by DDC,Catalogue card AACR-2 and use by OPAC                    Table 1.

14: Library Membership Detail Name of library Central Library, Mandsaur University, Mandsaur (M.P.) Students UG        ? Students PG ? Faculty ? Research Scholar ? The table shows that the total number oflibrary readers is 1085 and the membership is valid for 1 year as (academicsyear) only.                                   Table1.15 Services of Library Circulation Services ? Translation Services × Reference on Desk ? CAS ? SDI ? Abstracting & indexing × Bibliographic ? Audio visual  CD.DVD.ROM             ×  WIFI Internet   ? Inter library loan ? Reprographic ? Translation ? Web OPAC ? News clipping ? Microfilming  × E resource ? The table reference, CAS, internet,reprographic and OPAC service is provided by the library.

                             Table1.16: Other Services Services Yes/No Resource Sharing ? Library Network  LAN ? Internet Facility ? Providing internet connectivity for their user Yes WI-FI ? The table shows all general serviceslibrary also provides internet connectivity for the user.         Table 1.17: Library Automation& Digitalization Library is automated ? Name of Software – Delplus Library is Digitalization ? Name of software Greenstone   The table show automated by Delplus and Digitalization by Greenstonesoftware                                                Table 1.18: Library Software Acquisition ? Circulation ? Serial Control ? OPAC ? Administration ? Indexing ?                     The above table’s Centrallibrary is fully automated by Delplus Table1.

19: Facilities provided by Library Facilities for the user/staff  ? Library have back up electricity plan ? Proper seating arrangement  ? Library have Ac/cooler Room facility for user ? Adequate to stack the collection  ? Standard library furniture available ? Do you have catalogue room × Do you have separate stack room  ?  The above table revealsthat the seating capacity is 200 with adequate collection, standard furniturewith good seating arrangement. Library has good electricity backup plans withthe facility of Ac. Library does not catalogue room.

                            Table 1.20:Resource facilities in libraries Items MUM Photocopy ? Library Membership ? Library security ? E-Mail Service ? Procurement of books for users ? Literature Search ?                                     Tableshows all facility available in MUM                        Table1.21: Facilities in library buildings Facilities in Building MUM Ventilators ? Tuck shop × Drinking Water ? Toilets ? Caretaker Building ? Lift × Bus Service × Rear Hall Reading Facility ? Table depicts that ventilators are not there inReading-Halls and Tuck Shop (s) facility is not   near to buildings, whereas drinking water andtoilet facilities are available.               Table 1.22: Annual Budget ofLibrary Years 2013 -2015 2014- 2015 2015-2016 2016-2017 Budget 5,67,982 /­­­- 7,48,478 /­­­ 9,58,310 /­­­- 8,66,589 /­­­-  Tableshows that the budget of library for books and periodicals year wiseTable1.23: User for resource and Services Issue /Return 175/150 Per day user                    85 Visitors  in month                    40 Tableshows that per day issue/return, per day user 85 and visitors per month above40Table1.24: Weeding of Resources Annually ? After five year  (Fully) ?         After ten year × Tableshows that weeding of resources in annually and also fully five years 1.

6 AnalysisData Collected from the headOnthe basis of the collected data with the help of visit, Interview andquestionnaire method the data is analyzed and the tables are given below.Questionnaire response by Head of Central Library MUM. 7.

ConclusionAfter the study was found that the library staff is not adequateas per the norms. Only two professionals and three other members areworking in the library. They are having their separate building onlease. The library of ICPR is partially automated .The library has adequatenumber of printed collection whereas non-print collection is almost nil.

Thelibrary offer services like reference CAS, reprographic service andOPAC. The library provide following equipment like computer, scanner, printerand photocopier. They provide LAN and Wi-Fi service to the user.

8. Suggestions 1.     Private University Libraryshould provide extra Fund for develop modern library.

2.     University library newtechnology adapted like digital library and virtual library.3.      Private University Library should a policy forcollection development and weeding out of old collection.4.     Private Universityappoints the adequate qualified Library staff shouldbe appointed.5.

     To ICT era provide goodtraining of Library staff for the best library services.6.     No one wants to visit alibrary where the staff is rude and unhelpful. When creating usable design,think about your users and how they’ll be utilizing what you create.7.     To provide special visitorsto your library’s website will be looking for items, so it easy for them tofind what they’re looking for right away.

8.     The library should provideonline access to books, Journals and internet services and other electronicresources easy ways.9.     To proved e-books, ejournals available in your collection and users can take advantage. 10.  Make sure that you always have enough staff on hand to meet theneeds of your library’s users.

11.  Theuniversity Maintenance of the library’s collection by the library staff ensuresits usefulness and relevancy to the community.1.9  References1.        Alhamdi, Fawaz. & Khaparde, V S(2015). Authorship pattern in cloud computing research inLibrary and information science & technology abstracts LISTA.

e- Libraryscience research journal, 3(3), Jan 2015, ISSN-2319-84352.        Ranveer V. B (2014),Collection Building: A Scientometric Study, “Knowledge Librarian anInternational Peer Reviewed Bilingual E-Journal of Library and InformationScience Volume: 01, Issue: 02, Nov. – Dec.

2014 eISSN NO. 2394-2479, p.1-12.3.        Biradar, B. S., P.

Dharani Kumar, and Y. Mahesh. “Use of information sources and servicesin library of Agriculture Science College, Shimoga: a case study.” Annalsof Library and information Studies 56.

2(2009): 63.4.        Sinha, Ma noj Kumar, and Pulak Das. “A Study on Information Needs andInformation Seeking Behaviour of Rural Population with Special Reference toBarak Valley, South Assam (North East India): A Survey.

” EmbeddedLibrarianship and Technological Challenges of the Digital Age: ConferenceProceedings of 60th ILA International (Diamond Jubilee) Conference, organizedby Indian Library Association in collaboration with AC Joshi Library, PanjabUniversity, Chandigarh during April8-10. 2015 WEBSITES 1. Dr.

Ashwani Yadav Asst. Professor & Head Dept. Library and Information ScienceMandsaurUniversity, Mandsaur (M.P.)Pin 458001   Mobile no . 7379783089                  E-mail.

[email protected] 2.   Nandkishore Patidar                                                       Research scholar        Dept.Library and Information Science      MandsaurUniversity, Mandsaur (M.P.)      Pin 458001    Mobile no.

9926816234                         E-mail. [email protected]                               


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