Common of software that Tienecomo objective to infiltrate

 Common signs of malicious
software may include: • Unwanted URL redirections, • pop-up ads, • Altered
search results with Google, • Adding toolbars in your browser, or
búsquedalaterales bars Unwanted, • Low speed. A computer virus is a malware
that is intended to alter the normal functioning of the computer, without the
permission or knowledge of the user. Losvirus, usually, replace executable
files by other infected with this code. The viruses can intentionally destroy
the data stored on a computer, although there are also other more harmless
ones, which are only characterized by being annoying. Malware (from the English
malicious software), also called Badware, Códigomaligno, malicious software or
malicious software is a type of software that Tienecomo objective to infiltrate
or damage a computer without the consent of its owner. The term malware is
widely used by professional

 Malicious or malicious software
attempts to steal confidential information from a computer, send spam or commit
fraud. This type of software often integrates free downloads without your
knowledge. You may not know that your site carries or disseminates malicious
software to users queacceden to your site. This is because malicious software
can be obtained by downloading templates from your site or in a code installed
in various site applications.

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What is malicious software?

When large amounts of data are stored in electronic form, these
sonvulnerable to many types of threats. Its origin can be in technical factors,
oforganization and of the environment, combined with the bad management

Why are systems vulnerable?

 Information systems concentrate
data in computer files, so automated data are more susceptible to destruction,
fraud, error, and abuse. When computer systems fail or do not work properly,
lascompañías that depend heavily on them experience the serious loss of their
ability to operate.

System vulnerability and abuse.