COMP 552Introduction to CybersecurityPage 1 of 4Lab Report 2: Career ExplorationDue Date: By 11:59 p.m. the day of your labSubmission Method: Dropbox (“Lab 2 – Career Exploration” folder)Submitted by: Abhijeet Singh BrarStudent ID: 10195425Section: L-03Date submitted:Instructor submitted to: Robert FrenchRubricReport Format (content is well organized by section) /2Content (relevant ideas are presented and cited accurately) /6References (cited research sources are listed in APA format) /2Cover Page (content is missing, inaccurate, or incomplete) /-1Total /10COMP 552Introduction to CybersecurityPage 2 of 4Introduction:The purpose of this activity is to explore careers in computer security in Canada to betterunderstand the educational requirements and income potential for jobs in this dynamic field.

Activities:Research online career sites in Canada (e.g.,, careerbuilder.

ca,,, etc.) for computer security positions. What training and certifications areemployers asking for? What income can you earn in these positions? Summarize your findingsin your own words using the table below. Complete at least three entries.

Wireless Technology and Computer Security Positions in CanadaEmployer(include hyperlink to jobposting)Job Title Job Description(in your own words)StartingSalary ($)Educational Requirements Years ofExperienceNeededPlanIT Search IT Specialist Installation,Configuration, support,monitoring, troubleshootthe IT systems andequipment.Monitor, secure andguide Network, Designand Develop Architects.C$36K Computer Science or relatedfields, knowledge of networktopologies, IT Background,Experience with different OSsystems, Troubleshooting,Ms-Office, Virtualization,following DocumentationMinimum3-5years ofexperience in ITsystemandsupportbackground.ProfileSolutionsInformationSecuritySpecialistSecure system’s architectand resources, DetermineSecurity hazards and keepsystem controls sustain.C$60K System and NetworkAdministration, knowledge ofNetwork Protocols andTroubleshooting,Minimum5-6 yearsofexperience in ITfield andKnowledge ofNetworking.Randstad ServiceDesk Analyst(backend)Interaction with teamsmembers, good customerservice provider, remoteand desktop support andsolving documentations.C$37K Computer Science or relateddiploma, Degree orcertification, Knowledge of IT,Ms-Office, Windows ActiveDirectories etc.Minimum2 yearsof workexperience in IT.

Discussion:COMP 552Introduction to CybersecurityPage 3 of 4Answer the question below in the space provided in five to seven sentences.Based on your research and the following online resources, what actions must you take toprepare yourself for a career in computer security? Cite and reference your response usingAmerican Psychological Association (APA) format (this is already done for you in this lab).• http://www.• https://www.infosecurity-magazine.

com/news/how-to-prepare-for-a-cybersecurity/•• http://www.cyberdegrees.

org/resources/transitioning-from-general-it/Answer question here.? Academic degree or certification is not sufficient to build your career.? Practical knowledge and experience in field is an asset.? Focus on one field and get perfection in that because it is impossible to be a king ofevery field.? Be always active and updated about upgrading and coming trends in IT sector.

(Cyber Degrees, n.d.; O’Donnell, 2016; Seals, 2014; Winkler, 2014)Conclusion:In the space below, explain in two to three sentences what you have learned from this activity.Provide conclusion here.The whole research cleared out my vision to some extent about company’s requirements,hiring procedures, job posting, various skills and minimum salaries in IT fields.

Also gave meidea about academic qualifications and Entry-level certifications that help in future career.At the end I want to conclude that now I know where and how to accomplish my dream job.References (list research sources cited in lab alphabetically in APA format – already completed):Cyber Degrees. (n.d.).

Transitioning from General IT to Cyber Security. Retrieved from’Donnell, A. (2016).

5 Tips to Help You Land a Cybersecurity Job. Retrieved from, T.

(2014). How to Prepare for a Cybersecurity Career. Retrieved from 552Introduction to CybersecurityPage 4 of 4Winkler, I.

(2014). How to get a job in computer security. Retrieved from refer to the following online resources to help you with APA Citing and Referencing:• Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL):• Citing and Referencing document in “Additional Resources” folder in D2L• YouTube Videos 


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