Computational hazards (air pollution) · Heating and ventilation

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) is a method by with the
flow of gas and liquids can be seen. The program uses maths, physics and
computational software to create the conditions surrounding the liquid or gas
and is able to give a better understanding of the mechanism behind fluid flow.
It can also be used to see how the fluid flow interacts with objects in the
surrounding environment. Fluids are governed by differential equations, which
illustrate the conservation laws for energy, momentum and mass.


flow can be seen in everyday situations such as:

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Weather (rain, wind)

Environmental hazards (air pollution)

Heating and ventilation

Combustion in engines


provides a prediction of fluid flow by utilising:

Mathematic models

Numerical methods

Software tools


is used where other methods of insight into fluid flow are either difficult or


uses a computer to solve these problems and does so by working on the following

1.    The user
identifies the problem to the program

2.    The problem
is expressed mathematically

3.    The
computer then takes the problem, now expressed mathematically and provides instructions

4.    The
computer hardware takes these instructions and preforms the necessary

5.    The user
then interprets the results 15

In recent years, computational fluid dynamics has
shown to be a method in which we have been able to predict and further
understand subcooled boiling flow. The reason for this is due to CFD being able
to provide more detail into the behaviour of these flows than any other method.
As shown in this report and as mentioned before, it is clear that subcooled
boiling has applications in the numerous industries, most notably, the nuclear
field. In being able to use CFD to accurately model the behaviour of these
types of flows, will be beneficial to many sectors of industry. Further work
into this subject will develop our understanding and will be able to be applied
confidence to research in industries.

Next semester, CFD will be used in order to compare
the values previously calculated mathematically in order to see the accuracy of
using CFD to study subcooled boiling.