Computers and electronics are an
integral part of modern society and continue to impact an ever growing number
of aspects of our everyday lives. As a student of Computer Science and
Engineering the desire to improve my technical skills and to become a worthy professional
inspires me. The M.Engg in Electrical and Computer Engineering program’s
comprehensive approach towards understanding and realization of the principles
of Computer Engineering is what galvanized me to apply for the course. It
reinforces my passion for computers and software applications.

I developed an interest in
computers from a young age from gaming as a young boy to assembling my first PC
and have sustained my interest in computers with the same zest and vigor while
pursuing my Bachelor’s in Computer Science Engineering. My initial encounter
with computer programming occurred in middle school where I wrote basic program
codes in C. My predilection towards programming became quite apparent in those
days and dictated my decision to pursue Computer Science and Engineering for my
Bachelor’s degree in the following years. I thoroughly enjoyed my studies in
college which comprised of subjects such as Data Structures, Algorithm Design
and Analysis, Java Programming in which I excelled and Software Testing and
Quality Assurance, Machine Learning in which I secured top position in my class.
I feel further exploration into the realm Computer Application is the best path
for me to choose.

For the final year project in
college we were asked to undertake the development of a project in a team of 4
students. My team and I made sure that our project incorporated skills,
knowledge pertaining to different major subjects that were taught to us in
college, solved real life problems and implemented modern development
techniques. In creating HomeDroid ( home security and automation system) we
faced a fair amount of challenges which impacted the moral of my teammates but
I took it upon myself to overcome these obstacles and continued to explore  OOPS concepts and methodologies deeply, my
teammates chipped in with some useful insight at the same time, my
intuitiveness helped me in programming effectively which made the code more
efficient; it was the need of the hour for the reason that we had chosen
Arduino Mega 2560 which was economical but at the same time had limited
physical resources as our central microcontroller. It provided automation and
security functionality at the fraction of cost of modern mass produced
solutions. After early hiccups, eventually, HomeDroid proved to be a resounding
success which earned us praise from teachers and fellow students alike.

Apart from HomeDroid, I have
worked on live projects such as, where I interned as a web
developer that particular experience also taught me how to use incredibly
useful tools and frameworks such as Git, foundation, bootsrap and Angular JS.
In the following year I completed an industry oriented certificate program in
Python with Django, where I created a user friendly website for students to
view their university result by implementing advanced data crawling scripts.
These experiences have equipped me with qualities that are professionally
indispensible like team management; leadership; collegiality and punctuality.

Besides studies, I have
extensively participated in techno-cultural fests besides being an active
member of the college literary society and an editor of the English section of
the college magazine. I have also organized and participated in multiple inter
and intra college events. Sports such as football, table-tennis have ingrained
in me the spirit to take on challenges with the idea to come out on top but
also to take defeat in my stride and face the next challenge with even more
enthusiasm and drive. I will inculcate this attitude with my future classmates
at Carleton University. These characteristics are a testament to my versatility
and will surely help me in pursuing my graduate study goals.

However, despite my varied and
rich involvements, hard work and education, I realize there are gaps in my
knowledge that need amelioration, which impassionate me to pursue M.Engg in ECE
from Carleton University. I want to overcome this shortcoming by studying under
promising faculties of the world. The experienced CS
faculty comprising of experts such as Dr. Jessica Chen, Dr. Christie Ezeife and
Dr. Jianguo Lu at the Carleton University along with excellent lab
infrastructure including Warehousing, Object-Oriented and Databases Lab,
Software Engineering Lab Algorithms,
Speech Processing and Advanced Research Techniques Lab at Erie Hall will provide me with
the opportunity to not only expand my engineering knowledge but will also give
insightful industry oriented dimensionality to my studies. Carleton University’s
course matches my outlook and will help me in achieving my future career goals.
The experience at Carleton University would arm me with knowledge and skills to
bring theories from books to life, give me a strong technical footing apart
from honing my skills and ideas.


I'm Katy!

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