Consequently, has orthodox attitudes that men, indisputably, are

Consequently, my question
is why is the process rigorous and prolonged for women to be officially
recognized in any field? There is no right or wrong answer, but after much
analysis and reflection, the answer revolves around the idea of how society
already has orthodox attitudes that men, indisputably, are the next heirs to
supremacy. It is difficult to alter these ingrained beliefs because males have
been taking the leadership roles for centuries, which provide them with a sense
of pride and security, to the extent that they are blind to see or callous to
empathize the benefits the world can have if they just give women a chance. It
is understandable that it can be difficult for someone to suddenly give up what
he/she values or what he/she has been successfully achieving for some time, but
isn’t there always room for another who can give a helping hand, who can share
the burden, who can enjoy the same triumph from making the world a better place?
Very few bold women are able to withstand the consequences of reporting against
workplace discrimination because for others, they are either demanded by
unrealistic expectations or their voices are often suppressed with threats of

 If we take a look at the tech sector, one can
immediately and correctly state that its population consists fewer women. In
Sheelah Kolhatkar’s article, there is an anecdote where there are more men
named ‘Matt’ in a group than there are women. Thus, “one male
colleague quipped that they should change the sign reading “Women’s Room” to
“Matt’s Room””. Due to this incident, women become the center of rueful comedy
and they in turn deeply feel abused when males make derogatory comments,
whistle, or catcall. Thus, the gender inequality not only settled in unequal
pay, but also brought forth the most sinister act that a human could ever do to
another human: sexual harassment. Let’s say females do receive some
acknowledgement in the workplace, how can they assure the newly obtained equality
is not evanescent or what can people do to ascertain the humanity-losing
parasite will not resurge? Workplaces could create free, no judgment, talks
where women who think they are experiencing inequality could open up. Raising
campaigns to spread awareness and embedding gender equity in education is also
another best way to eliminate discrimination. Undeniably, as the world
progresses, woman empowerment universalizes and it is important that people pay
special attention to these issues immediately in order to further prevent
unnecessary conflicts that are capable to deteriorating humanity. It is a
difference made by a person, justice made by the world.

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