Critical solutions, the students should see the problems


In today’s rapid changing world, there is
perceive need for a new vision and paradigm of business education. I agree with
Kelly and Morse that the quality of University education has declined. In this
modern society, tertiary education has become more of business oriented than a
public good where scientific methods and measurements are given more importance.
As a result, the students are taught to view the world in a narrow scientific
manner and are not encouraged to develop themselves optimally.

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Although, Burrell and Morgan (1979)
suggest “four valid quadrants and the four paradigm that arise within these
bounds for creation of knowledge and understandings”, Academics are not seizing
these opportunities.  Perhaps the
graduates are not taught how to deal with complex issues. Therefore, there is a
perceived need for a new approach to business education. A good education
should persuade students to develop their skills, gain self- confidence and
view the world in broadly manner. Graduates should be equipped with adequate
education to face the consequence of the unknown. University education should
encourage students to develop their critical thinking and problem solving
skills. Before formulating their own solutions, the students should see the
problems from different angles. This ability of thinking and acting swiftly
will be an indispensable tool for the future.  Also the students should be engaged in
teamwork that will develop their collaborative skills. They can gain effective
oral and communication skills by working with peers in projects, which will be
vital when they get job.


Moreover, the rapid advancement in technologies
will further change the way knowledge is developed, acquired and delivered. The
Universities should use latest technologies to teach and communicate with
students, where the students will be required to be comfortable with the idea
of change and be willing to adapt to changes around them.  Graduates should also be taught ethical
values, which will be beneficial to the society. As noted, all the accounting
scandals such as Enron, Tyco, WorldCom, HIH Insurance, had ethical problems.
Thus, the graduates with ethical approach can play a role in helping and
address issues that affect the well-being of communities, nation and global


According to Kelly and Morse, our
University encourage students to develop themselves optimally, which is
appreciated. Here the students are encouraged to be “competent communicator, adaptive,
critical thinker, independent learner, alert to ethical consideration, and
effective member of the team”. Intuitive, emotional and spiritual dimensions
are also encouraged, which well equips the graduates to face the challenges of
the society.


Therefore, a new pedagogical and
didactical approach to business education should be provided by Universities
that encourage and equips graduates with a skillset that enable them to apply
their commercial knowledge that will benefit organisations and the society.