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TRADITIONAL CHINESEFESTIVALSHabibe Gök168297103Translation and Cultural StudiesInstitute of Social SciencesGazi University        Chinese Culture Submitted To: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Giray Fidan         January,10, 2018   CHINESE TRADITIONAL FESTIVALSChina was founded on a vastland has a long history dates back to centuries Before Christ. From the past topresent, a lot of festivals have accumulated in China. Chinese festivalsconstitute an essential part of Chinese culture and they are rich in historyand activities to do during celebrations of them. Chinese festivals have begunto be formed during the Qin Dynasty (221-206 BC). They were mostly related toreligious beliefs and legends at that time. However, after Qin Dynasty and HanDynasty (206 BC-AD […]

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As stated by Bennett and McDougall (2013), mythology also regarded as godlore describes a variety or a collection of several myths of a given group of people or primarily the study of such myths. On the other hand, myths are the stories that individuals explain in order to understand nature, customs, and history. Barthes wrote a range of typical mythologies within a monthly journal in the duration that lasted between in 1954 and 1556 (p. 13). Amongst the various contribution of Barthes mythologies were inclusive of the chapters regarding the professional wrestling, red wine, plastics, steak and chips, washing powder […]

Date: Two Famous Historical Figures

Name: Course: Lecturer: Date: Two Famous Historical Figures Frank Lloyd and Le Corbusier are among the most influential historical architects in the early 20th century. The two architects were born in different countries, where Wright was born in America while Corbusier was born in Switzerland (Toby, 2008). However, both were born away from urban areas, which they both came to revolutionize in their works. They were both visionary architects as well as urban planners, where they sought to transform the current situation of the modern cities at the time. Despite having the same vision for transforming cities, they their ideas […]

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In the last few decades, there has been increased interest in the examination of culturaldifferences in the self and other aspects of personality. It is difficult to conduct cross-culturalstudies for a variety of reasons, in part because of the various ways that culture can berepresented. Many cross-cultural researchers have operationalized culture by focusing on thecultural-level distinction between individualism and collectivism (Markus & Kitayama, 1991;Oyserman, Coon, & Kemmelmeier, 2002; Singelis, Triandis, Bhawuk, & Gelfand, 1995). At theindividual level, the associated concepts of independent and interdependent self-construals havebeen emphasized. Individualism-collectivism constructs has been widely used as a theoreticalframework for understanding cultural differences […]

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It is a well acceptedfact that the basic theme of all literature is human being, his or her actions,thoughts, feelings, beliefs and faiths. As human being is described as a socialanimal, it is quite obvious that sociological aspect of human being isreflected in literature. Literature deals with the number of sociologicalconcepts, movements aesthetically. ‘Diaspora’ is one of the sociologicalconcepts that find it’s reflection in today’s literature. Diaspora literaturedeals with expatriate sensibility. It focuses on the lives of immigrants andtheir inner and external conflicts in an alien land. By highlighting issueslike cultural dilemma, quest of identity, multiculturalism and universalaspects of human […]

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