For second group of Asian immigrants to Hawaii,

For the period of 19th century the United States is major wave of immigration, most came to pursuit a greater economic while some came to freedom. Today, most migrants came from Asia rather than other nation. According to the Asian American voices, majority Asian immigration doesn’t speak English and adopted English speakers always show signs of ancestry. The admirable migrants in this group are Asian speakers with a large enough number to maintain their ancestral language together with English in Asian American communities. Asians are not new immigrants for this country, in the chapter 12, Huebner and Uyechi describe the struggles Asian American immigrant face learning and speaking English; a part of language in the negotiation identities in multiculturalism and generations, the racial discrimination and language in the land of freedom. The Asian American voices chapter describes the beginning of Asian migration, before Columbus is present compass in the Pacific and throughout Asia. Although Asian immigrants are familiar, […]


Diversity Name: Course: Institution: Instructor: Date: Diversity Diversity refers to a wide variety of things or items. For example, a population could be diverse since people have different characteristics. Some of the aspects bringing diversity among people are ethnicity, cultural practices, abilities, gender and race among other factors (Lind, 2004). Aspects like multiculturalism have changed people’s way of life because the mixture of cultures has introduced new beliefs, attitude and perception towards various things. Diversity has many benefits towards people as well as negative effects, which have been evident in the society. Diversity has enabled people to develop in many […]

Racial harmony – are we there yet

Racial Harmony – are we there yet? Racial harmony is one of the hardest things to attain in the modern society. If racial harmony were to be achieved, then terrorism cases like that of Osama bin Laden, wars in the Middle Eastern countries and Pakistan would not have been rampant. An example of racial disharmony includes the genocide that was committed by the Turkish militia against the Armenians in 1914. During this period, most of the Armenians were killed and few survived. Another example of racial disharmony is the current case whereby terrorists flew planes into important American buildings. This […]

The safe settlement that require active support from

The Delegates of Japan strongly recommends Security Council to discuss upon the means to accommodate integration of Syrian refugees in European societies regarding the Agenda on Agenda item A. Nowadays, since series of religious extremists of terrorism happened in European countries, there are increasing number of European countries that are reluctant to accept refugees by reinforcing their border control or finding other means to escape from the responsibility for embracing refugees. In regards to this current phenomenon, it is our duty to pay attention to certain problem since our ultimate goal is to establish not only an international peace but […]

PART given an opportunity to make their informed

PART 2IntroductionCanada is one of the most democratic nations in the world; the government guarantees certain rights and freedoms. One of the most important rights in Canada is the freedom of expression. Section 2(b) of the charter states that people have the following fundamental freedoms: freedom of belief, thought, opinion and expression including the freedom of the press and all other media communications (Mahoney, 1992). This section also covers wider areas from journalist privilege to hate speech and commercial expression. Freedom of expression is the cornerstone of any democracy whether developing or developed. Freedom of expression brings certain values to […]

Malaysia groups and to perform different culture in

Malaysia is one of the multiracial country among the country in Southeastern. As we know every individuals are forms by different ethnic groups and to perform different culture in order to stay harmony between each other ( 2017). The races are devided into three different main ethnic groups, namely Malays, Chinese and Indians (Rozita 2007). Each of them plays an important role to the society as each of them is taking a big scale of ration within the Malaysia population. Not like the other minor ethnic group, these three races can be track in every living area in Malaysia. In […]

Shira a law by the Arizona state Governor

Shira DavisLIT 233Professor Draegan15 November 2017Banned BooksThe State of Arizona took it upon themselves to ban many books from the classrooms of K-12th grade students, one these books being A Different Mirror: A History of Multicultural America. These books were banned mainly because race, ethnicity and oppression are among their central themes. This law, HB 2281, ultimately bans students from learning about their culture and other ethnic groups culture. All these cultures helped shape America into what it is today. This brings up the question, should ethnics studies be banned or regulated? I believe this law should be abolished, along […]

In their unique identity. In reflection, critics argue

In this paper, I aim to show how multiculturalism has affected different preference to particular social welfare policies. Different patterns of welfare state changed through the cultural difference and the perspective of multiculturalism. To examine the two relationships between satisfaction of two western countries, I will introduce the different type of welfare state in the two societies. First, I examine the different social movement that affects the transformation of the welfare state. Second, I explore social movement that is affected by multiculturalism and social changes. Further, by recognizing the transformation of the welfare state through multiculturalism, societies may be redistributed […]

Over murders were committed as “honour killings”. The

Over the years, Canada has enjoyed a steady flow of immigrants coming and settling in Canada. Naturally, the immigrants bring their distinct cultures with them. Canada prides itself to be accepting of foreign cultures. However, that acceptance has been deeply shaken on June 30, 2009, where four female bodies has been found in a car that had been driven into the Rideau Canal in Kingston Ontario. The four victims were Zainab, Sahar, Geeti Shafia, and Rona Amir Mohammad. It did not take long for the chief of police to charged Mohammad Shafia, Tooba Mohammad Yahya, and Hamed Shafia with the […]

Introduction:Different Quran. Different countries around the world follow

Introduction:Different people have different, contrasting perspective of distinctive aspects. The Law gives us rules which prohibits us from doing something that seems morally acceptable and some people classify law with justice. With people having contradictory ideologies of identical laws, different races may potentially alter the results of the findings. According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary ‘ not conforming to a high moral standard :morally wrong :not ethical illegal and unethical business practices ‘. Also, according to the Oxford dictionary, the definition of moral is ‘ Concerned with the principles of right and wrong behaviour ‘. In my Extended Project Question, […]

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