Czarof Russia formed a mediation, Great Britain and the United States came togetherin 1814 to negotiate the terms of peace (U.S.

A Department of State. Para 4). TheU.

S stopped fighting against imprisonment and the British soldiers left Canada’sboarders ( Staff. 2009. Para. 7). British and American negotiatorssigned the Treaty, restoring the political boundaries on the North Americancontinent to the status quo ante bellum (U.S.A Department of State.

Para 4). Therewere some British soldiers that were unaware of the Treaty of Ghent, that attemptedan attack in New Orleans, but failed miserably. The Americans counted this alongwith the peace treaty as a victory. BritishFederalists in Washington were angry because the thought that the Republicansshowed favoritism toward France. As stated earlier, France agreed to continue tradewith Americans and unblocked its restrictions and so did America. The UnitedStates declared the war on Britain after they violated maritime rights and encouragedNative Americans to act hostile with Americans (History.

com Staff. 2009. Para. 2).The British focused on the American continent, attacking Washington and burningthe White House and other Government buildings, and acquiring territory inMaine and the Great Lakes region. American forces won some of British’s importantnaval and military victories at sea, but were chased out of Canada in attempt todefeat. In 1814 neither side could claim a solid victory and both war wearycombatants looked to a peaceful settlement.

It has been said that the war itself wasan attempt to take advantage of the British when they were involved with theFrench in Europe. Based on the conflict previously America had with British, Iwould say that the claim is false. I do believe that it is an accurateassessment of the war, but the facts are that imprisonment started the war. TheBritish captured sailors that were shipping goods and food, and once they werecaptured they were admitted into the British navy (Berkin, C. 2015. pg.

205).This may not have been the only reason war was declared, but it was the mostprominent reason. In 1806 France banned all trade with Great Britain and in1807 Great Britain banned trade between France, her allies, and the Americas.The Americans then attempted to retaliate by passing two acts that would banthe U.S from trading with European nations, France, and Britain. These actswere called embargo act and non-intercourse act. These acts were not successfuland the U.

S reopened trade with Britain and France in 1810 hoping Britain andFrance would cease their blocks on neutral trade, France agreed, but Britaindid not. The Britishwanted to continue their block on American trade and their strategy later wasto capture American sailors on the ships for trade and imprison them. This actof the British prompted the war of 1812.Thewar that took place in 1812 was later considered as America’s “second war ofindependence”. This was a war that was caused by many reasons with theAmerican’s and Britain. Britain was looking to stop the American trade byconstantly causing an atmosphere of hostility.

This war did not start withAmerica and Britain, but France had a part to play in the development of thewar.


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