Darry and really good at football, he even

Darry isn’t mature enough to handle the many responsibilities that was brought his way so even though he loves his brothers he comes out as very strict and mean. Darry also feels like he has a constricted future because of his family, socioeconomic status, and friends.When Darry’s parents died, he became to parent figure in the household. Darry is overwhelmed by the responsibilities of having to take care of Pony and working a job, that he ends smacking him even though he loves him a lot. “Oh, Pony, I thought we’d lost you(98).” This quote here shows that Darry really loves Pony and doesn’t want to lose him like he lost his parents. “If I brought home B’s, he wanted A’s, and if I got A’s, he wanted to make sure they stayed A’s(13).” is Another way Darry is shown as being a strict brother, but like any loving parent he just wants to give Pony a better life and more opportunities than he did.Darry is actually really smart and really good at football, he even got a scholarship, but Darry feels like he has a constricted future because of his own socioeconomic status. “But we( Darry & Pony) just didn’t have the money for him to go to college(16).”If they were the Soc’s instead of the greasers Darry would be able to afford to stop working and go to college to pursue what he wants. Another reason Darry can’t pursue his dreams is his friends. Two Bit and Pony knows that the only reason Darry can’t be a Soc is because of them, “The only reason Darry couldn’t be a Soc was us( Darry’s friends and family)(126).”Darry also thinks that he’s better and smarter than the rest of them, “He(Darry) was ashamed to be on our side(142).” Even though Darry knows he’s better than the rest of them he feels conflicted between wanting to leave them and staying with them because he doesn’t want to betray his family, but at the same time knowing that if he stayed with them he wouldn’t ever achieve anything great.This is what makes up Darry and why he is what he is. He is the father figure of the household after his parents died of an auto wreck. He is burdened with responsibilities so even though he is the smartest of his friends and family, just like all of the other greasers, he has to work for a living.